Cover Interview: DJ Dannic (VELD Fest 2014, Toronto)

By Tiffany Lam. Over the summer, kicking off Day 1 of VELD Music Festival, we had the honour of interviewing Dutch DJ/producer DANNIC just before he took the festival main stage. Check out the interview Tiffany did with Daan Romers (aka Dannic) below!


Hi Daan! How was hosting one of VELD’s pre-party shows yesterday? 

Yeah that was awesome! I played Uniun Nightclub two or three times before, with Dyro. I’m pretty familiar with Toronto; it’s one of my favourite cities.

Have you discovered any favourite spots here yet?

You know what, I don’t have that much time to see the city, which I totally hate. I love sightseeing, I love seeing the city where I’m traveling to. But in the end, it’s all about work. I’d rather sit in my hotel and make new music than to go outside…

So considering you’ve traveled to so many places all over the world, have there been any places that you kind of wished you had more time there or would love to travel back to for more pleasure or personal time?

Yeah, for sure. [Speaking of] Canada, last year we did the Canadian Bus Tour – we were driving for thousands of miles across the country… not only seeing cities but also the beautiful landscapes, so I definitely want to go back to Canada, but not to DJ, maybe for like a month and just tour the country. That would be great.

Do you prefer going in a tour bus and driving around or do you like flying from city to city?

I prefer the tour bus because flying, it takes a lot of time. It sounds really weird but in a bus it’s much more comfortable [and] relaxing; you can sleep in the bus, you can work in the bus… it’s like a driving hotel room. That’s better than all the cues at the airport, waiting in line, etc. You have to get up early sometimes and with the tour bus you can just sleep in the bus. It’s less exhausting.


So you started your career at around the age of 17 when you were playing bars and stuff like that. And now you’re much older and have gained a lot of experience and stuff like that…

Yes I’m an old guy, hahaha.

When was it that you kind of realized… “I made it”. When was your “I made it” moment?

I haven’t had that moment yet, I don’t think I made it yet. I mean, everything that’s happening now is going so fast – I’m super happy, it’s going in the right direction but I still have goals in my mind.

That’s good. What has been your proudest moment so far?

Actually, this year we started doing more solo tours and solo gigs. For instance, yesterday at Uniun… my timeline was exploding with people who really came to the club just to see me. I find that really, I don’t know, it’s just crazy. I’m a regular guy [who’s] making music and playing music, and people actually really love it. It’s great.


What’s the best feeling you get when on stage playing a show? I saw some videos where at festivals you’d run into the crowd and spray them with a water hose… That looked like a lot of fun. Is it small moments like that you like incorporating into your shows, or is there anything special you like doing?

I always try to, I love interacting with the crowd. It’s one of the most important reasons I do this, to see those smiles on people’s faces and enjoy the moment with them. I love doing club gigs because they’re more intimate. For festivals like today, I’m playing main stage so I’m really far away from the crowd, but yeah, sometimes I just go into the crowd and go mental with them anyway.

I also heard that you have a radio show now. Can you tell me more about Front of House?

Yes, it started this year (2014), once every two weeks. It’s been really good, I always try to add that signature Dannic sound in it, so a little more house-y. And then upfront tunes; I always try to come up with new mashups, new tracks… just keep it genuine [and] unique.

So with all your exposure online, on social media, meeting fans, etc., what has been the craziest rumour you’ve heard about yourself, or biggest misconception?

About myself? Hmm… That I had a wife and kids. Seriously, and that I was married. [Fans] were like “Why didn’t you tell us?!” And I’m like, “Huh?! Guys I don’t have kids, I’m not married!”

What are you most excited for in the next months or in the next year?

I’m always excited about a lot of things, I’m excited for this [summer] tour I just started, I’m doing a lot of solo club gigs and playing festivals so that’s awesome. A lot of releases coming up on Revealed. The follow-up for “Dear Life” is finished, it’s a collaboration with Shermanology on vocals called “Wait For You”. I’m constantly working on music. That’s the only that will keep me going, that’s what it’s all about – the music.


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