Review by Nancy Chu. Photos by Winnie Surya. Opening The Honeymoon tour in Toronto last October 22nd was alternative rock band PVRIS from Massachusetts. The band was able to get the crowd rocking and their sound was the perfect prelude to the rest of the line-up that night. The band closed their set with “St. Patrick”, a catchy tune that will ensure those who came early to catch their set will remember them.

Following PVRIS was Major League, a five-member pop-punk band from New Jersey. They played a great set, and the band’s energy was very apparent on stage. Lead singer Brian Joyce thanked headliners Mayday Parade for taking them out on tour and got the crowd excited for what was to come. The audience was left captivated by the end of their set, as they chanted their name when they played their last song for the night.

Tonight Alive were full of energy as they started their set with “The Edge”. The band was able to get the crowd pumped up as they played songs off their albums and EPs throughout the night. Lead vocalist Jenna McDougall was able to work the crowd masterfully; the band completely rocked out on stage, had great stage presence and vibed off the crowd’s energy. By being in the room, you can feel the sheer excitement coming from the audience as they jumped and sang along to the songs they played. McDougall was very interactive in between songs and noted how this show was a community and was a safe place for anyone, regardless of their shirt size or skin colour, reinforcing the band’s idea that music will always be a safe haven for groups of people who may ever feel alone.

It was obvious that headliners Mayday Parade were the most anticipated band of the night. It was clear even before the band hit the stage that the crowd couldn’t wait to start rocking out as they chanted their name and waves of excitement flowed as their backdrop stage banner was being hung up. When the band stepped on stage, the crowd erupted into cheers and the quintet from Florida opened their show up with the classic Jersey off their album A Lesson in Romantics and throughout the night, filled the set with tracks from both older and newer releases. The band was able to set high levels of emotion by playing heartfelt tunes like “Hold Onto Me” and “Terrible Things” where lead singer Derek Sanders’ crystal clear voice filled the room. Despite slowing things down for a brief period of time, Mayday Parade were able to pick the party right back up again to get the crowd as excited as ever as they continued with jams like “Ghosts” and “When I Get Home, You’re So Dead”. They were able to both work and command the stage and audience, which demonstrates their incredible ability to play together as a band. Sanders saluted and reflected on the band’s history and reminded the crowd how much it meant to them to have people continue coming out to shows even after all these years. They closed the show out perfectly with “Jamie All Over” which allowed the crowd to rock out with all the energy they had left after a night of spectacular music.

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