CONCERT REVIEW: The Rentals – Pomona, CA

By Jennie Tan. With the recent release of Lost in Alphaville, The Rentals returned to the stage Sunday night in Pomona to be welcomed as if they never left. The Glass House Concert Hall was filled with nostalgia and excitement as The Rentals performed both classics and new material from their first album in fifteen years. Frontman Matt Sharp (former bassist of Weezer) was charismatic and his stage presence emanated throughout the venue as fans danced and sang along.

The Rentals have long been a band filled with collaborative members, and this recent incarnation does not fail to follow tradition. Featuring the talents of Lauren Chipman from The Section Quartet, Shawn Glassford of STRFKR, Keith Murray of We Are Scientists, Jared Shavelson, Ryen Slegr of Ozma, and Nedelle Torrissi; The Rentals provided a cohesive and electrifying performance.

Prior to introducing everyone on stage, Sharp took a moment mid-set to casually speak to the crowd, creating an intimacy to the show that felt like a gathering of friends. Closing out the night with “Friends of P.” and a highly entertaining cover of the Ghostbusters theme, The Rentals had fans reeling from their exceedingly fun set.


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