Issue 19: Dan Croll


Interview and photos by Eman El-Saied. lot can happen in 6 months. British singer/songwriter Dan Croll has made a splash this year with the release and success of his debut record Sweet Disarray, headlining festivals around the world, and getting double signed in the UK and U.S., there is no telling what Dan’s next move will be. The twenty three year old, folk/pop/acoustic artist has made a name for himself and will stop at nothing for his career.

The last time I saw Dan Croll he was playing a small show in the basement of a synagogue. He was on tour promoting his EP, and tickets were about twelve bucks. It was a very small show, and I had been photographing him for the zine. Little did I know I was watching a star being born. Six months ago, Croll had only released a few singles “From Knowhere” and “Compliment Your Soul” in late 2012, which had skyrocketed on Billboard 100 List in early 2013. Within the past six months Croll has headlined tours with Bastille, main staged FireFly, Northside Festival and most recently performed on Jimmy Kimmel. He is currently touring and promoting his debut record Sweet Dissary, and album he had been working on for several years. Today it is June 23rd, 2014, we are sitting outside on the rooftop of Capitol Records in the middle Manhattan, NYC.  In this brief moment of his extremely busy life, Dan discusses his journey into his career, love and what inspires him.


How are you?
I am exhausted, and sick. I have been flying 46 hours in this past week

Well it makes a lot sense, you can’t be everywhere at once without catching somethin!
I’m just glad I was able to perform at NorthSide, I was really nervous I wasn’t going to be able to perform.

What was it like performing on Jimmy Kimmel? Thats a big deal!
It was actually quite frightening.

Any after this?
In July I will be doing a European tour. A few I will be at is gonna be: T in the Park Festival, Somersault Festival, AppleTree and Castlepalooza.


What do you think about your record, and why do you think people have been able to connect to it so easily?
Its really just honest and open ended. This record took me about four years to create and its about me just getting out of a really dark place. When I was 17 years old, I was on a semi-professional track to become a rugby player. When I broke my leg, I was in a cast for almost two years. It was my dream, and It went away. Music got me out that dark place. Even my first track, is about my grandmother developing dementia, and having to deal with that happening to her.

Did not expect that coming at all! I am glad the world is working with you now. Is there any collaborations you’ve dreamed of having?
I’ve already had my dream! LadySmith Mambazo! But if I had to choose right now, it would be Little Dragon, and I am in the process of putting something together with them!

Anywhere you’ve traveled that you could see yourself potentially living at?
Williamsburg, NYC


Any moment in the past few months you wish you could relive?
Sitting on the beach in Brazil. It was one of the few days I had off.

What are your views on love in this day and age?
You know, I’ve been trying to get my band members off “tinder”, and we’ve gotten into some heated debates in the van! That’s not how you should meet people! Its harder when they have all these apps now making it easier to meet people.

What is love to you?
Love is unexpected.

Anything the fans can expect?
U.S. tour in October and November

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