Issue 19 | Interview: Klingande

By Tiffany Lam. Earlier this summer, the Drake Hotel’s Underground concert venue welcomed France’s melodic deep house artist Klingande. Currently touring, Klingande is 20-something year old Cedric Steinmyller, accompanied by live sax and flute player Arnold Pol. We sat down with Steinmyller before his first Canadian show to find out who Klingande is and what his future plans are.

To check out our show review of his Canadian debut, head over to:

I saw you were able to visit Montreal a bit while in Canada, how did you enjoy that? Did you feel a little bit at home with people around you speaking French again?
Yeah it was good, I’m not used to that because every time when I’m traveling I never speak French, so it was really comfortable. Also, I had my interviews in French – pretty cool. The city is awesome and I can’t wait to come back.

So just to clear things up, from what I understand, Klingande started out with you and Edgar, but he’s no longer quite in the Klingande picture… Why is that?
At the beginning, I was a producer alone and I met up with my old friend Edgar and was like, “we should make some music together“, so we made two songs together. But after that, because he wasn’t really a DJ or producer it was very difficult to mix and make music with him, so now he’s focusing more on the piano and everything. When I finish a song, I send it to him and he takes a second look at it. Also, next year he may come with me on stage playing piano, which would be pretty cool. I want him to focus on that.

And then the sax player.
Always the saxophone with me, haha.

So Klingande was formed less than 2 years ago and things have been skyrocketing ever since. You’ll be touring on the road pretty much all summer, what plans are next after that?
Yes, we’ll be on tour the whole summer, so I’ll be making some rough [stuff] on the fly, but in September I’ll take a month break to make music. I think I’m going to go to LA to work on it. At the beginning, I’m a producer not really a DJ, so I miss a lot of producing.


What is something on your bucket list that you hope to scratch off soon (musically or personally)?
My main goal is to make an album, because you can make different music together. I don’t want Klingande to just be saxophone and nothing else. I want to show everybody what I can do. I was at the hotel earlier tonight and I saw a video about Axwell and Swedish House Mafia… I was pretty impressed by that guy.

What was the first or best concert you attended?
Hmm, I can remember one – it was Justice when I was young. It was just crazy. I still have this night in my memories.

Biggest music guilty pleasure?
There was a song called “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen that I really liked. I didn’t know why but I loved this song. But that was a secret, haha.

In a few words, what would your mom describe you as?
I like being alone and solitary, and I’m a little bit shy. But also joy of life. 

Would your friends describe you similarly?
Yeah, I think pretty the same. I’m not very open, more reserved, but I’m friendly.

If you were ever found running from the police, what would it most likely be for?
Probably going over to the swimming pool of the neighbours (pool hopping), haha.

What is something we’d be surprised to know about you? Give us a fun or odd fact about yourself.
I was a bit of a magician when I was young…

Who is someone you’d love to collaborate with one day?
For a singer, I’m a huge fan of La Roux. For a producer, I’d love to work with Flume.

And last question, since you’ll be hopping from place to place touring all summer long, where’s somewhere you’re most excited to travel to? Or somewhere you’d love to travel next that’s not on your itinerary, either for pleasure or touring?
I’m looking forward to traveling overseas. At first, my main goal was to come here to the US and Canada, and now I’m here. When I was in LA, I really loved the city. It was very nice and I can’t wait to go back there. This summer, I can’t wait to go to Tomorrowland… I’m very excited for that.

The sold-out show at the Drake Hotel’s Underground was a huge success, and “Jubel” has been playing in everyone’s ears all summer long. We can’t wait for their return… À bientôt, Klingande!


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