The Chainsmokers release new song KANYE + #BeLike Quiz


The Chainsmokers are back with a new song called KANYE. Unlike its name, The Chainsmokers say it has actually has nothing to do with the familiar/famous/infamous Kanye West. No, sorry West, this isn’t about you or anything you have done. This second single is here to inspire you to be anything you want to #BELIKE and own it with confidence. It’s about living life the way you see it and not caring what anyone else thinks. We can definitely see that Chainsmokers connection, as they owned #SELFIE to the fullest despite much backlash. Successful? Check.

KANYE, for us, represents such a perfect next step for us. You be the judge. It has such a nice blend of the indie house sound we fostered through our remixes and an absolutely incredible vocal from the girls of Siren ( This song to us represents something real and relatable. It gushes with emotion and positivity and trust us. Its blends genres and tastes and that’s something we really pride our music on…

So you might be there saying WTF, C’MON first #SELFIE now a song called KANYE?!? and we reply, “Fuck yes, a song called KANYE.” This is real, this isn’t about love or partying or carpe diem shit, the same way we always hear it, this is some real life every day real world way to convey an important message… As Kanye said, ‘ I refuse to accept other people’s ideas of happiness for me. As if there’s a ‘one size fits all’ standard for happiness.’

This isn’t about him, or anything he has done, LETS BE VERY CLEAR ABOUT THAT! It’s about taking what Kanye idealistically represents and turning his name into an adjective. This song is about doing you, living life how you want to live it and not giving a fuck what anyone else thinks. Its about owning your shit and being happy with your life, no matter the circumstances, rich or poor, skinny or fat, young or old its about exuding confidence… and that’s what appeals to us so much about this song. So when you belt out ‘I Wanna Be Like Kanye’ its not about him, but about being the person you want to be and not letting anyone take that from you.

Take the KANYE #BELIKE Quiz! <

Inspired and following their recent release, KANYE, The Chainsmokers have also personally curated a hilarious 14-question quiz fans (anyone) can take. Based on your multiple choice answers, the duo determines for you how you handle life. Take the quiz and share with us your results!



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