CONCERT REVIEW: 5 Seconds of Summer – Toronto, ON

5SOS 7

By Hayley Hasessian. Australian punk-pop band, 5 Seconds of Summer, surprised their Toronto fans with a free show on Friday, August 1st, to kick off their first of two Toronto shows as the opening act for One Direction.

The announcement was made on the morning of July 31st, and fans were permitted to start lining up by 7pm that evening. The show was scheduled to start at noon and end at 1pm. But boy, were the fans prepared! Fans filled the Much Music back lot (where the show took place), and all down Queen St. West on both sides of the road! Girls anxiously awaited the arrival of their favourite Australian boys to take the stage set up at the front of the lot for their acoustic performance.

As soon as the boys got onstage, everyone in Toronto knew it, as the streets exploded with the sound of thousands of screaming fans. “5SOS!” they shrieked excitedly, as the wait had finally been over!

The boys got onstage with smiles and excited energy, opening their acoustic set with their song, “Don’t Stop”. As if on queue, every fan in the audience simultaneously started belting along to the catchy track.

Next came an older song, they announced, before performing, “Out Of My Limit”. All the long-time fans were ecstatic to hear such a well-loved, older tune. They sang along to every lyric like a memorized anthem.

As the show began to slow down, the boys performed their heartfelt ballad, “Amnesia”. At this moment, it became evident, just how much a band and their fans can connect. Fans throughout the audience sang along with tear-stained cheeks, all being able to relate in one way or another. This breakup song tore the hearts out of every audience member, allowing everyone to relive the pain that comes with losing someone special.

To end the show was an acoustic performance of their hit summer jam, “She Looks So Perfect”. There was not a single person in the audience who didn’t sing along to every lyric! Everyone knew the lyrics to their favourite summer anthem as we all sang about American Apparel underwear and work-of-art lipstick stains.

Unfortunately, the show had to come to an end so the boys of 5 Seconds of Summer could make it to rehearsals for their show that night with One Direction. They left with kind smiles and the promise to return to Toronto next year on their tour. Every fan left with happy tears and smiles too wide for their faces after the spectacular acoustic show.

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