CONCERT REVIEW: Kings of Leon – Toronto, ON

Photo 2014-08-05, 11 00 02 PM

By Jasmine Lee. The day may have been beautiful, but the night was even better. The show promised an amazing line-up: first Kongos, followed with Young the Giant, and finally the headliner, Kings of Leon.

Photo 2014-08-05, 7 27 58 PM

I had never heard anything by the Kongos before, but I’m so glad I got to see them live. They are an up and coming band from South Africa made of the four brothers Johnny, Jesse, Dylan and Daniel Kongos. I absolutely adored the last song they performed, titled “Come With Me Now”. It’s a catchy single released from their album “Lunatic” that had me bobbing my head and clapping along to the beat. They’ve got a unique sound and amazing spirit on stage that I can’t wait to see the next time they come to town.

Photo 2014-08-05, 8 00 17 PM

Young the Giant is a band I’ve wanted to see for a long time. Ever since I heard their single, “My Body,” back when it was released, I knew I had to see them perform once before I die. I finally got to see them, and their performance was everything I could wish for and more. Sameer is such a lively performer who I enjoyed watching, as any viewer can tell that he is so into his performance while he’s moving to the music. The mixed sounds that they played from their old and new albums combined together beautifully, and it was so great to hear the old singles such as “Cough Syrup”, “Apartment”, and “My Body” along with their new singles “Crystallized” and “Mind Over Matter”. They were a fantastic prelude to the Kings of Leon performance, and there is no doubt in my mind that I will be seeing them again in the future.

Photo 2014-08-05, 10 59 28 PM

I would like to say that Kings of Leon is a band that sounds infinitely better live than they do on record, which is crazy because they already sound fantastic on their record. I may have gone into the concert as someone who simply enjoyed a few songs by the band, but I walked out as someone who wanted to listen to all their music. Caleb Followill’s voice has a certain tone that makes him so unique and identifiable. This is no exception to his vocals live; his voice has a gritty sound that defines the masculine tones of their music. I also love how much he appreciates his fans; as he thanked the crowd and the opening acts at least three times for supporting them and being there, and it was so heartfelt and sincere; something I’m surprised to not have felt in any concert I’ve attended recently.

Photo 2014-08-05, 10 24 26 PM Photo 2014-08-05, 10 34 50 PM

I highly recommend you see all of these bands because they are an experience you can’t get from only listening to their recorded material.


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