CONCERT REVIEW: Bruno Mars ft. Nico & Vinz – Toronto, ON


By Jasmine Lee. Edited by Savana Ogburn. Although he is only 5’5″, Bruno Mars has the stage presence of a man who is thirty feet tall. From the intro to the encore, he poured his heart into each song, constantly making me wonder how he manages to pull off performances with an endless amount of vigor on a nightly basis.

Originally, Pharrell Williams was slated to be the opening act, which would have made for a spectacular experience. But unfortunately, about one week before the show, Williams announced that he would not be playing in any of the Canadian shows he was previously scheduled for.


Replacing the original opener of the show was Nico & Vinz, a Norwegian duo composed of members Nico Sereba and Vincent Dery. Their music contains strong African influences, along with an irresistibly catchy beat that is easy dance to. Of all the songs they performed, it was their hit single, ‘Am I Wrong’, that brought the audience to their feet. They may not have the mainstream success of Pharrell Williams, but Nico & Vinz proved themselves to be artists worthy of opening for a performer as established as Bruno Mars.

Regardless of whether or not you enjoy his music, no one can deny that Bruno Mars is a stunning vocalist. Within his small frame is a voice which can reach octaves that no tone-deaf fan should be attempting to reach; especially when singing along to his song ‘Just The Way You Are’. He certainly was not shy with his use of pyrotechnics throughout the concert, and especially for ‘Gorilla’, the last song he performed.


A powerful performance from Bruno Mars accompanied by his equally endearing band charmed the crowd for the entirety of the show. He is an example of the age-old saying, “It’s not the size that matters; it’s what you do with it”.

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