ALBUM REVIEW: Our Last Night – Oak Island Acoustic


Artist: Our Last Night
Album: Oak Island (Acoustic)
Release Date: June 25
Rating: 4.5/5
By Chloe Hoy

Post-hardcore rockers Our Last Night released their Oak Island EP late last year, and followed up with an acoustic version – in addition to a bonus track – this past June. Hardly familiar with their past material, I found myself instantly drawn to their acoustic renditions of the eight-track release. Kicking off with “Dark Storms,” it is clear that while the lyrics don’t pack as much punch as they would with an electric set, the meaning still lies. “The power keeps you feeling high/But how low/Do you sink into your bed at night/Anchored down with guilt,” sing the vocal duo of Wentworth brothers, Trevor and Matt, raw, and open.

“I’ve Never Felt This Way” doesn’t impress me much lyric-wise (from a personal standpoint), but it is the strong vocals and instrumentals that keep me listening. A pleasant intro grasps my attention in “Same Old War,” a song about personal struggles that seem all too familiar to one’s past. It is inspiring, empowering, and one of my personal favourites off of the release.

“Reality Without You” is another track that is easy on the ears. However, the tune reminded me of music I had heard before, which made it harder to distinguish individually in my mind. The next song, “Sunrise,” is a collaboration with The Bully Project, a social action project inspired by the 2012 documentary. Aiming to end bullying in America, the touching song reaches into the inner feelings of youth who feel without escape and alone: “When the night is cold/And you feel like no one knows/What it’s like to be/The only one buried in this hole,” the band sings, before breaking into the uplifting chorus. It is a well-thought out song that delivers on its message perfectly.

“Scared of Change” is more upbeat, and does a fine job showcasing the varying tones and dynamic between the two vocalists. The title track, “Oak Island,” is melodic and incorporates some nice guitar lines as well. “Falling Away” is the album’s bonus track, a heartfelt track that expresses the fears of separating from a loved one: “Our communication is down again/Even though it feels like/We’ve lost it all/I promise you the love is in the air.”

Definitely a safer twist on the scream-existent songs from their latest release, but a move I believe pays off for the band. Not only do they prove that they have the skill to execute both acoustic and electric styles, but they do it well. I’m always appreciative when a band is able to showcase both for their fans, and show no major problems with the transition between the different settings. Our Last Night is showing heart, and telling stories with their music, and I couldn’t be a less happy listener to hear their new material. Give it a listen.


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