An Evening With Tyler Ward: A Show for All Ages, Literally.


By Karmin Yu. You’re ALL invited to Tyler Ward’s tour. When I say all, I mean it: from young prepubescent girls to middle aged fathers – this show can be enjoyed by anyone. Last Thursday night in Montreal, Tyler Ward made sure that everybody (even those who weren’t familiar with his original works) felt included in his musical world.


The first act to walk on stage was a singer-songwriter of the name Mikey Wax who was also accompanied by his guitarist. Starting his performance with “Only One,” the crowd clapped and cheered him along, even shouting out “WE LOVE YOU!” He built his act up by teaching the crowd the words to “Let You Run” and by playing a fun cover of Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” That wasn’t his only cover – midway through “Bottle of Jack,” he switched it up to Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky,” which made the room go wild. After that, we even got more up close and personal with him when he gave out his older brother’s/manager’s digits and urged us to text him to get a free track. Finally, he ended his extremely short set with “You Lift Me Up,” where he thanked his fans for supporting him in the past years. All in all, even though most songs on the artist’s album, Mikey Wax, depend on electric instruments, he still managed to put on a show and a smile on the crowd’s face by pulling it off acoustic style.


Next up was the very sweet (and a tad bit shy) Brynn Elliott. Although the listeners weren’t as hyped up for her set, they paid her their full attention when she played her way through “Dear Anna” and through Imagine Dragon’s “Radioactive,” even inviting Tyler’s stage manager to play the guitar for her. In between each song, she would also give a story behind the one that she would sing. For example, she explained how “Marina” was about a friend who, unfortunately, passed away at an early age and how “Gold Dust” described her own relationships. Reminding me of a younger version of Taylor Swift (the one who sang country songs before heading on a writing rampage about all her Hollywood ex’s), she sang and strummed her way into the audience’s heart.


After the long wait, Tyler Ward, along with his guitar, hopped on stage and was greeted by loud and piercing shrieks of his crazy fangirls. The screams got even louder (as loud as a Justin Bieber concert) when he started belting the words to an original song of his, “Forever Starts Tonight” and to “Wonderwall” by Oasis. Deciding to amp the night up, he brought his band on stage to play the rest of his set. Not only were fans lucky enough to see him and touch his hand, two even got to dance on stage with him! He then switched the lovey dovey style of his set to one that was more hip hop by singing a medley that included hits from Macklemore and Iggy Azalea. Shifting back and forth between originals like “The Rescue” and covers from The Script, he surely made the night a memorable one for his devotees.

So to the Ward nation, if you haven’t bought your tickets yet, you should! And if you land on a date where Mikey Wax and Brynn Elliott are playing, they will surely not disappoint.

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