REVIEW: Klingande @ The Drake Underground – Toronto 12/06/14

Interview with Klingande >>

By Tiffany Lam. On the evening of June 12th, the Drake Hotel’s Underground concert venue welcomed France’s deep house artist Klingande. Currently touring, Klingande is 20-something year old Cedric Steinmyller, accompanied by live sax and flute player Arnold Pol.

Klingande’s most recent single, “Jubel”, has reached a number-one status on the charts and gone gold and platinum in many countries in Europe.

Approaching midnight, as the previous act Young & Sick got off the stage, the room started to tightly fill itself. There was a warm thrilling ambience. I had never been to the Drake Underground for a high-energy electronic artist’s show before. For those who don’t know, the Drake Underground is a cozy 200-capacity venue at Queen St. W & Beaconsfield Ave. in Toronto, Ontario, and on Thursday night, it was a very full house.

The sold-out show began just after 12am. The crowd was a good mix of female and male adolescents and young adults. With nearly a half hour set-up break between Klingande and the previous act, attendees had been getting pretty anxious. This, of course, was the excited kind of anxious eager fans get waiting for their artist’s arrival to the stage. They were more than ready for the intimate upbeat show to begin.

DSCF5137_tThe energy in the room doubled as Klingande began playing. Despite not knowing anyone around me, I felt like I was dancing in a room with a hundred other best friends. There was something about this melodic deep house that seemed to instigate a connection of colourfulness and emotion with everyone.

I noticed the crowd exceptionally enjoyed when he mixed Corona’s “Rhythm Of the Night”, which had immediately initiated a loud sing-along. Also played was his popular mix of La Roux’s “Bulletproof”. We spoke to Steinmyller before the show and he says she’s one of his favourite artists whom he hopes to collaborate with one day.

Though most fans in attendance were Klingande fans, the familiar oldies he played seemed a comforting way for new fans and ordinary show attendees to connect with one and other at the top of their lungs.

IMG_5249_tSteinmyller was always smiling and the pleasant feel-good vibes given off from the stage quickly transmitted within the crowd. In addition to the mesmerizing live sax and flute playing, Pol also served as an excellent hype man – from saxophone solos, to lifting crowds to a roar, to intimately connecting with fans in the front row at eye-level.

While Klingande only has two original singles out as of yet, “Punga” & “Jubel”, more is to come very soon. Steinmyller is always working on new stuff while on the road, but he hopes to return to L.A. in September following his summer tour to really work on some new music.

As the time passed, Steinmyller and Pol approached the front of the stage to thank the crowd. The end of Klingande’s set was met with a wave of applause that filled the tightly packed room.

Although the set was shorter than most, ending at a quarter after 1am, it left fans more than satisfied. Many fans in attendance tweeted hours leading up to and following the show in excitement. One fan tweets @Sean_Kern: @KlingandeMusic was amazing last night. Not sure how @KygoMusic can top that! We’ll see tonight. #DanceExpert” – in relation to Norwegian producer/friend Kygo’s Toronto show happening the following night (Check out exclusive photos of that show here!).

While it is only Steinmyller touring and performing as Klingande right now, old friend Edgar Catry may return on the piano in distant future shows to come.

Klingande continues touring with two shows in NY, followed by a series of others back in Europe. Steinmyller says he’s most excited to play Tomorrowland this summer. With an already large following in Europe, a foreseeable grand following in North America will soon blossom too and Klingande will be taking on large venues, festivals and arena shows in no time.

Like the current Klingande hit, “Jubel”, jubilation is a sure word to describe the feeling I felt being at the show. Klingande’s originals and remixes are perfect for this summer.

This evening marked Klingande’s Canadian debut, and they certainly did not disappoint. We can’t wait for their return.

Check out some photos Tiffany snapped at the show below, and be sure to look for our full interview with Cedric Steinmyller of Klingande in our July issue!

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