Issue 18 – Interview: Hollerado


Interview and photos by WInnie Surya. Triple IndiesXM Award 2014 nominees, Hollerado, just spent some time playing music in Europe, and on their journey home they stopped to tell us some stories ranging from their amazing experience performing on Liberation Day in Holland, to people proposing during their shows. Check out what guitarist Nixon Boyd and drummer Jake Boyd had to say about these priceless memories.

You guys are nominated for three awards tonight.
Nixon: I think so.
Jake: I’m curious about what the awards are like; what they physically look like.
Nixon: Yeah, what do you get? I think we won an Indies Award years ago.
Jake: Was it a guitar? Sometimes they do guitars.
Nixon: Do we get a sweet guitar? I think we might get an epic guitar.
Jake: Like an acoustic or something. I think the acoustic guitar that I have in my apartment is an Indie.

How was the European tour that you recently finished?
Nixon: It was great. We toured in Germany and then played some festivals in Holland- they have Liberation Day on May 5th to commemorate getting free from the Nazis, and they throw huge festivals in every city in the country. We got to play at two of those, which is cool.
Jake: Yeah, we did a week in Germany before that, which was a lot of fun, and then we ended the tour in Amsterdam and then flew back to Toronto.

So you came straight from Holland to play a show in Toronto tonight?
Jake: We actually played Kingston last night.

This must be a busy week for you guys! How do the crowds differ between Canadian and European shows?
Jake: We try to talk a lot to the crowds at shows, but we quickly realized that that wasn’t going to work [in Europe].
Nixon: They don’t understand what we’re saying, so we talk less when we’re on stage in Germany, for example.
Jake: The crowd interaction is definitely different. In Holland, everybody was going crazy, and it was fun. Everybody wants to hear something that they’ve never heard before when we’re there- sometimes I think that people aren’t that receptive to what seems new to them; they are a bit snobby sometimes, a bit picky.

Or they just talk during the set.
Jake: Yeah or they just stand with their arms folded or whatever. In [Toronto] it seems like people just want to be loud and just have fun; drink beer or whatever.


I really love the concept of your latest music video, “Desire 126.”I was actually at the Horseshoe Tavern for the taping!
Nixon: Really? Thanks for coming!

No problem! I saw a couple of dressed up people go on stage and dance, but they didn’t end up in the video.
Nixon: I think they cut that.

How was the experience working with the legend, Dave Foley, for the “Desire 126” video?
Nixon: He’s great!
Jake: He’s a pleasure!
Nixon: Such a good guy! He works really hard and can get into a character so quickly. He’s so funny.
Jake: All he wants to do is just to make people laugh and be nice. He has no bad intentions whatsoever. He is the nicest, funniest guy. It’s awesome. He’s a pleasure to be around.
Nixon: We’re lucky to have gotten to work with him.

The concept of the video is really cool and hilarious, but it’s really long; not like a typical music video.
Nixon: I’m glad you liked it!


I saw you guys at Osheaga last year and I’m excited to see you guys to play more this year!
Jake: That was crazy shit! A guy proposed to his girlfriend [at Osheaga], and recently, in a place called Den Bosch, a festival we played in Holland, a guy tried to propose to his girlfriend but it didn’t work.
Nixon: He was too drunk and she had to go to the bathroom. [laughs]
Jake: It was the end of the night, and we were the last band on the smaller stage- it was so hilarious and awkward. The crowd was just walking away, and then there’s this super drunk Dutch guy proposing to his girlfriend. We were turning to the people who spoke English and asking, “What’s going on? What is he saying?”. They were like, “Uh oh, he was trying to propose to his girlfriend, but his friends are saying his girlfriend’s not here.” It was hilarious. I felt bad for the guy, but you know, it was kind of funny.
Nixon: It was priceless.

It must be special to have people proposing during your set!
Jake: I guess; or they just drank too much. [laughs]


Are you guys planning on releasing new music anytime soon?
Nixon: We’re actually going to record some new songs in the summer that we hope to release soon afterward, and then we’ll hopefully put out a full album next year some time.

That’s exciting!
Nixon: Yeah, we’re pretty psyched!


Have you guys gotten to trade in your van for Vespas or anything cool, yet?
Jake: We haven’t traded it yet, but someone offered us a Ronald McDonald costume, so we might as well get that.

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure song?
Jake: Katy Perry.
Nixon: We were just talking about how much we love video game music. In particular, the Koji Kondo composition that scores Mario, Zelda, and all the classic Nintendo games- his music is really sweet.
Jake: Barry Manilow; we talked about how good Barry Manilow songs are on the drive last night.
Nixon: Then we were listening to Sheryl Crow and admitting how much we like her.
Jake: You know, pop music and Nintendo music.

Check out our issue 18 featuring Hollerado below:

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