Issue 18 – Interview: 4Count


Interview and photos by Winnie Surya. Move on over Big Time Rush, there’s a new boyband in town! 4Count started out as a project of Nick Cannon‘s, but has expanded beyond that. Albeit their youth, it is only the beginning for this four-piece boy band. This issue, we sit down with Kieran, Adam, Ben and Aaron to talk about the band’s history, their love for Canada, the details behind their upcoming album and much more.

How did the band form?
Adam: The band actually started with Kieran and I – we’re brothers. We did a previous project with Nick Cannon a couple of years ago. So, when he was starting the boy band, he got in contact with us. We went and met with him, and he told us about his idea of a boy band. We were super stoked. About a week later, we had a closed audition, and that’s where we found Aaron and Ben. The rest is history in the making.

How did you guys come up with the name “4Count”?
Ben: Nick actually came up with the name. 4Count is a really cool name because it’s used around the world – it’s a universal tempo. No matter what genre of music, there are four counts in a beat. It’s a rhythm too, it’s a heartbeat, it’s soul, and that’s what we’re all about. And it sounds cool!


For Adam and Kieran- you guys are brothers. What are the pros and cons of being in a band together?
Adam: I mean of course there are going to be pros and cons; of course we all clash heads.
Kieran: Don’t say anything bad about me!
Adam: Yeah I know… We all clash heads a little bit and we all have our little arguments and stuff like that. But we’re all man enough to come up and talk to one another, or go take each other somewhere and talk about it.
Kieran: Beat each other up. Take someone to a dark alley.
Adam: Yeah, take him to a back room and beat his butt. We’re very good at that. If we ever have a problem about something, I’ll just go up to Kieran and be like: “Hey Kieran, blah blah blah” and make sure that we just squash it there. Even though he’s my brother, I consider the [other] guys as brothers as well. So, I’ll treat everyone with the same amount of respect. They’re my brothers; if I have a problem with my brother, I’ll just go up and talk to him. I’m not gonna keep animosity built up.

You’re originally moved here from California. How does it feel being in Canada?
Aaron: It’s definitely a transition for all of us, coming from being close to our families, in our comfort zones, and living in LA together for a year. It was crazy to transition and hop into the snow without having any warm clothes. It’s been so eye-opening, and it’s part of the growing up process- being on your own and figuring it out. So, it’s been a great process. The people here are amazing – we love Canadians! It’s going great!

What do you love about Toronto so far?
Band: The poutine!
Adam: No I’m serious, I really do love poutine. I’m obsessed with it, it’s amazing! I never thought cheese, gravy, and fries would go so well together!
Aaron: There are also other things that are great about Canada! I like the culture, like how the old buildings are mixed with the new buildings.
Adam: The scenery is so beautiful.
Ben: The countryside is really nice too.
Adam: It reminds me of a mix between London and New York.
Adam: There’s a nice, refreshing feel about it, coming from an industrial area like LA.
Ben: The people are really kind, too! We’ve gone to sessions where we’re in the car and we’ll hit a little intersection and one guy will say, “You go!”, and the other guy says, “No, you go!”. We’re waiting and we’re just like, “Someone please go!”
Adam: Anywhere else, you’ll just see fingers coming out of the car.
Ben: But yeah, people are really nice, and there are a lot of people from around the world here. It’s really cool!


You guys are pretty young, how did you convince your parents to allow you to be in a band? Are you in school?
Kieran: Yeah, I’m the youngest, and I just finished up school about a year ago. They’re all really supportive of what we’re doing and of what we have invested our time in. Even for Ben- he was already invested in music. He actually went to a music school and stuff like that. Aaron comes from a strong musical background, and me and Adam do as well.
Adam: All our families know this is our dream, so they’re all very supportive. They just want to see us succeed in our dreams.
Ben: We’re the types who want to take care of our families. We do it for ourselves first because it’s our dream, but after that, it’s our family. We don’t want them to have to worry about a single thing; we want to take care of them. That’s how much we love them, and that’s why they back us up so much.

What is your song “Epic” about?
Ben: It’s about making something that’s small in your life big – turn it around. If you have a bad day, make it epic. Try to look at it from a positive point of view. We just want to inspire people. That’s what we’re trying to do. You’re gonna hear that – not only in “Epic,” but in the whole album. Yesterday, we had the opportunity to go with one of our good friends to two schools to perform and surprise these young kids for anti-bullying. We’re trying to send out a message and that’s what “Epic” is about.

I really loved the video! The concept was really cool!
Ben: At the same time, you can dance to it and have a good time!
Kieran: Yeah, in the video, we’re all having a good time- it’s just a good feeling song!
Adam: We wanted to make sure that the video was very fun, and it was epic! When we’re playing mini-golf, laser tag, and bowling, we weren’t acting at all! We were just reacting and being us!


I heard you’ll release an album this summer, are you recording it now?
Kieran: We have! We just finished up the whole album! There’s still a lot more production to go into it, but on our part, yeah, we’re all done. We finish up this week, and it’ll come out late summer.

Do you mind sharing a little bit about the album?
Aaron: It takes you through a lot of different emotions. There are some breakup songs on there; there are songs about missing your significant other in California; there are a lot of dance and upbeat songs – there’s something for everybody and a lot of different genres.

How many tracks will there be?
Band: 10-11.
Ben: We talk about it in interviews, but we are so excited! Our first album together, signed to a major label – Ncredible Entertainment with Nick Cannon. The feeling still hasn’t really hit us yet!
Adam: It was so surreal this week! I remember us all looking at each other like, “Wow! So, we’re officially done with our album!” We can’t wait for the world to see what we’ve been working this hard on.
Kieran: And just listening back to all the songs- there’s literally not a song on there that any of us dislike. For every song we’re just like, “Aw man, that could be a potential single!”
Aaron: We’re very hard on ourselves too. We’re like our worst critics. It’s only because we strive for greatness. It’s cool because we were in the studio the other day, and we cut some songs and we were like “That one’s pretty cool! It’s not my favourite, but we like it!” Then, we went back to the studio, and have been upgrading it to make it a little better, and throwing in some more flare on it. We were like, “That’s the same song?” That’s been our whole reaction throughout the album.

Speaking of singles, how do you pick a single?
Adam: We just knew that “Epic” was such a great song and the message was so great, powerful, and motivating that we thought it would be a perfect song to start with. There wasn’t much thought behind it- this one’s perfect and epic. Like Ben was saying earlier, “Epic” is a life style for us. We want to inspire and motivate people- that’s what we’re all about.
Kieran: We wanted to give people that first impression of us, which is being epic and us having a good time.


Who are some of your musical influences?
Aaron: We have so many and we all have a lot of the same ones. It goes from The Temptations to Stevie Wonder, John Legend, Beach Boys, Bob Marley, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Bruno Mars…

After this album, what’s in store for you? Are you guys going to head on tour?
Adam: Definitely this summer when the album is gonna come out. We don’t have any set dates yet, but definitely the tour is going to happen all around Canada. We have a TV show coming out on YTV. We can’t speak too much about it, but it’s gonna really show our personalities, some crazy things we’ve never done before, and follow the true life of 4Count.

Check out our issue featuring 4Count below!


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