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By Karmin Yu. Summer is coming and what better way is there to kick it off? Updating your playlist with some new artists of course! Our suggestion is that you have a listen to a brand new band called Euphoric. Composed of Austin Sands and Kristy Frank, this dynamic duo already has a single out that features Travis Clark of We The Kings entitled “LA.” Lucky for us, Austin took the time this month to give us the 101 for his band.

Since you guys are a new band, can you tell me a bit about yourselves? How did you meet, how did the band form? What makes the band so euphoric?
Kristy and I were just friends. We kinda just met because our two best friends were dating and we had finished other projects. We were hanging out and one night, we realized, we both did music and I had a bunch of songs written and she had a great voice! I asked if she would come in and demo some for me and it was just so great and she did so well! We traded great sounds and Euphoric was born.

So you’re the genius behind your songs?
[Chuckles] Well, I mean I don’t want to claim myself as the genius behind our songs, but yeah, I do take a lot of pride in the writing. That’s my favourite part and the songs are about my life experience so far. And as far as what makes us so “euphoric” is that we’re all about having a good time and when people hear the songs, we want them to get that feeling of euphoria, whether the song is a love song – which I do write a lot about, or it’s about going out and having a great time.

Inspiration behind the band name?
Well, it’s that, what I just said about how we want people to feel when they hear our music. Also, I feel a state of euphoria when I’m done writing a song, and it starts as either a riff or a chord, or maybe it’s just a line I wrote down when I was out one night on my notepad on my iPhone. Once I go into the studio and hear the finished product and it’s all done and everything’s behind it – it’s the happiest feeling I have in my life and “euphoric” fit.

You both agreed on the name?
We both liked it! I did come up with it, but we both liked the name and she was cool with it. Kristy is very easy to get along with and she’s all good with going with the flow and that’s the best partner I’ve had so far in music. I’ve never had a female partner and she’s the least like a diva so far. It’s been a great match; she’s the coolest girl; she can hang with the guys and she’s the best.

How has your experience with bands like Metro Station and the Fray shaped your work in Euphoric?
Being in Metro Station was a great experience. It was so much fun and there’s still a great fanbase for Metro Station. After leaving Metro Station, I thought a lot more electronically. It’s really great; it really broadened my scope to think like a DJ and a classical musician at the same time. It’s also great to fuse elements from all different kinds of music and learn how to put them together – especially, using them live and I learned a lot from Metro Station.

Speaking about Metro Station, do you have a reason for having left the band?
You know, I guess the easiest thing to say is artistic differences, but Metro Station isn’t going on right now. I’ve been thinking about calling Mason lately because he’s still doing stuff, but the band is done and it’s time to put it through us. I thought about calling Mason and maybe just asking if he wants to do a co-write or do something. Any band is like a business unfortunately. As much as we want to do art, it is a business and sometimes, businesses have to end for the better.

Can you tell me some behind the scenes and the ups and downs of the music industry since you’ve been in it for so long?
The ups and downs… I love music so much and I would say that the biggest up and down of the music industry is the Internet – it’s the best thing for us and the worst thing. There’s a lot more competition and it’s a lot harder to make money doing your music, but it’s a lot easier to get out there. So, if you can make something go viral, then you’re in. But at the same time, it’s a lot harder to get paid now. You also get a lot of promises that don’t plan out and a lot that do. As much as I love music, it’s a very corrupted business.

Wow, it’s tough eh?
Did you just say “eh”?

Yeah… It’s a Canadian thing!
I know, I know. My last girlfriend was from Canada and she said it all the time.

Do both you and Kristy have the same influences in music? What are your inspirations?
We do have a lot of the same influences, but we both love so many different kinds of music. I think I have Radiohead playing in my car right now and I just got back from Stagecoach, which is a huge country music festival, believe it or not. And I’ve got Crystal Fighters playing – I think they’re in my Pandora right now. I’m all over the board and I love everything! Kristy does too; I don’t think there’s any band that we don’t agree on because we just love music so much. I know that’s an answer that a lot of people give, but we really do love all music and are both so diverse. What it comes down to is that we love pop music as well. We’re definitely not “too good for pop,” as a lot of people might seem to be, but we love it all! As far as what gets me inspired, it’s the moments in my life, where I get a great feeling. The feeling could be love, happy, sad. A lot of times, I’ll get inspired after I go on a great trip or usually, after I have a great night.

Your new single, “LA,” features Travis Clark. Can you tell me how you met him? How was working with him and what was the inspiration behind the song?
The song’s called “LA,” so the inspiration behind the song comes from the great city that I live in and love. It’s about the ups and downs of the city and the ups and downs of the music business and how everything goes so fast. Travis added a great element, talking about the social aspects of it, which was really cool. I’ve known Travis’s for a while because his manager is a friend of mine and his name is Brent. He was the manager of Metro Station. However, that’s not how I met him. I was actually introduced to Travis by the guitar player of Boys Like Girls and his name is Paul. I met him one night at a VMAA party and I just kept seeing Travis around. He ended up coming back to an afterparty at my house and he told me he was starting to rap. I was like “Dude, you should rap on my next single!”  and there it is. He’s the best, nicest and one of the coolest guys I’ve met in the music industry. He’s just always in a great mood.

I heard that Euphoric will probably be releasing an EP or a full length soon. Can you tell me about the title, the recording process or when will it be released?
I can try because I don’t really have all of those answers; it definitely depends on a lot of things. I will tell you that we have a lot of great songs already that haven’t been released and I can’t wait to put them out there. I have a few acoustic songs with Kristy and one is online right now being featured – it’s just an acoustic version of “LA” and there are two more soon to be released. We did those live and we have a video that’s gonna be released, which is really cool. I’ve got a lyric video and a music video coming out (for “LA”).

Will Travis make an appearance in the video?
He better! He told me he’d help out.

Will there be any other guests on the album?
It’s funny you say that. There’s going to be a lot of celebrity guests in the music video.

When will it be released?
This is stuff that we haven’t done yet. We’re recording it around June 2nd, which is my birthday. We’re making it part of it at my party, so there’s definitely going to be a party element.

Can you describe your band and its sound with one colour?
With one colour? Hm…That is a tough one! I’m going to have to think about that. Let’s save that question for last.

Let’s say one day, you suddenly woke up in a whole new world, where you were no longer a musician. What would you be doing instead?
I would like to be a professional athlete.

Really? Which sport?
Basketball. I’ve played all my life and I love the sport. It’s probably my second love, next to music and art. I love playing basketball.

Did you hear about the story about the Clippers?
I did. It’s in my city of LA, so I’ve heard a lot about it. I’ve seen protests and it is a very very sticky situation. Everybody is very happy that the commissioner came out and said he has a lifetime ban, but as happy as everyone is right now, I can guarantee you it is not over. There’s going to be a lot more fighting going on; he’s got a reputation of being very litigious and will definitely probably try and counter the NBA – it’s a whole mess. The reason why I’m trying not to comment too much on that – well my opinion is that it’s horrible that he’s racist, that’s obvious, but I’m really just trying to enjoy the NBA playoffs and focus on the game, rather than focus on that too much.

What do you have planned for the summer?
Definitely, we’ve got the music video planned for the summer – that’s the biggest thing. I always do a lot of travelling during the summer.

For music or for personal reasons?
Music. We don’t have any dates planned because right now, we’re doing everything before that and we’re kinda in production: I’ve got a bunch of songs done and releasing them. We’re trying to get a very strong digital following before we tour. However, I think you’re going to see us touring with a pretty big named band pretty soon, but I don’t know if it’s going to be this summer.

Can you let us know who?
I wish I could, but it’s not for sure yet. I don’t want to claim anything just yet!

Finally, going back to the colour question…
I’m going to say the colour pink or a mixture of black and pink. Although we have a great pop song and we’re super happy, we can go into some pretty deep topics, like heartbreak, and it can get a little dark. I would say pink, with a  little of black.

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