INTERVIEW: Slaughter Beach


Photos and interview by Winnie Surya. Meet the Danish trio of Slaughter Beach who hit up Canadian Music Week in Toronto last month. Although they only surfaced the music scene very recently, don’t underestimate their “lack” of experience. These three guys, consisting of Nikolaj Westi, Hasse Mydtskov and Mads Emil Aagaard, have actually known each other since they were young and have played music together for a very long time. Join us as we learn more about their experience in Toronto, their new single “Spinning Globe” and a possible EP.

How excited are you to play Canadian Music Week this year?
Mads: We’re really excited to be here! Coming to Canada is a great opportunity for us to play in a place where our type of music is more relevant than in our home country. So, we like it a lot here!

Is this your first time in Toronto?
Hasse: Yeah. It’s the farthest the two of us have been from home. We live on the other side of the planet. So, it’s pretty big!

Did you guys get to explore the city?
Mads: No, not so much yet. We checked out Kensington Market and a bit of downtown, but we haven’t really seen anything else. Maybe we’ll do it tomorrow.

It must be a really long trip from Europe to here.
Mads: Yeah, an 8 hour flight.


You guys played at the Dakota last night, how was the show?
Mads: A bit chaotic. We had some trouble transforming our [electrical] power from European. So, we got off to a bad start because of that, but when we found ourselves again, it was great being there.

Will you make any changes for the show tonight?
Mads: Yeah, [we’ll be] a bit more precautious today because we had that experience yesterday. We’re gonna check everything twice today!

How do the crowds here compare to the crowds at home [in Denmark]?
Hasse: I think people here are a bit more outgoing. In Denmark, people are more passive watching shows- they’ll maybe clap after the songs and the cheering isn’t as enthusiastic. [There was] a great atmosphere when we played the Dakota yesterday.


What is the song “Spinning Globe” about?
Nikolaj: We wrote it half a year ago, around the time when this band started getting serious. I’m not sure what it’s actually about, but the theme is breaking boundaries.
Mads: …Really pursuing what you’re feeling. It’s not about someone, but about this change.

Will you record an EP/album anytime soon?
Hasse: Hopefully, we have a few things to get done, which is why we’re here: to network and to get in touch with people we want to work with. Once, that’s settled, we’ll probably record an EP, to begin with. There’s no reason to put out a whole album right now. Usually when we put an album out, there are a lot of lost songs- usually it’s just two to three songs that make it. So, for us, we’re gonna just focus on one song, like we did with “Spinning Globe.”

What’s next for you guys after Canadian Music Week? Any more shows?
Hasse: We have a show tonight and we need to redeem ourselves from [the show] yesterday. We’re really psyched for today! We have a few days off and then we’re gonna go back home!

Read our interview with Slaughter Beach on our issue 18 now!


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