MUSIC MONDAY: Jordan Klassen


By Chloe Hoy. Chamber folk pop artist Jordan Klassen released his debut full-length album, Repentance, in September. Met with rave reviews, it’s no surprise that Klassen is a fixture in the local indie music scene. Filled with dreamy instrumentation, catchy choruses, and infectious rhythms, Klassen’s music is well-crafted and leaves wonders to the imagination.

If you are a fan of Dan Mangan or The Shins, you’ll be sure to love Klassen’s sincere, yet playful vibe. Repentance is literally a collection of twelve songs that have the ability to both lull listeners to sleep, or pique one’s interest with the clever usage of percussion and synth arrangements. Described as a leader of the ‘Peter Pan generation,’ there is no shortage of fear, anxiety, and hope within the fairy folk music. Listeners are in for a treat.

The Canadian musician is currently on tour, so be sure to check out his website for upcoming dates. Be sure to purchase Jordan Klassen’s lovely music on Bandcamp as well.


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