INTERVIEW: Stay Seventeen

Stay Seventeen 1

Interview and photos by Hayley Hasessian. Last month we got to sit and chat with Stay Seventeen before their show in Toronto. Read our interview below our on our issue here.

How are you enjoying Toronto so far?
It’s really cold.
Mike: We just had poutine earlier and it was awesome so I’m enjoying it!

How has your tour been going so far? Are you enjoying touring with This Is All Now, Halfway To Hollywood and Hollywood Ending?
Yeah! We’re really enjoying it! We’ve known the guys from This Is All Now for a long time so it’s great to be on tour with them.

Is this something you always knew you wanted to do? You always wanted to be musicians?
Absolutely, I took lessons since I was a kid and did everything I could to get better. It’s definitely always been a dream of mine.
Mike: Totally, it’s something I’ve always wanted. And once I was in 4th year of university, everything for the band started falling into place.
Stay Seventeen 2 bl

What was it like, breaking the news to your families that you wanted to form a band? Were they supportive of your dreams?
At first it’s always a difficult thing and your parents may not always agree but they grew to accept it and really support us.
Mike: Yeah, my parents thankfully were supportive too. Obviously no parent is ever thrilled, but they knew this was something I’ve always wanted so they support me.
Dana: We’d be nowhere without the support of our parents so we’re very thankful.

In February you released your latest single, “Cloud 9”, who was produced with Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount, who have produced for big name bands such as All Time Low and Mayday Parade. What was it like working with producers who have created music with such big, influential bands?
They were really great, they created a really relaxed, comfortable environment for everyone in the studio.
Dana: Yeah, they’re really great guys to work with and really were a nice push to our sound. They made it work really nicely and we would love to work with them again.

So now after releasing this new single, what can we expect to hear from the new album?
It’s going in a really broad direction, we’re not holding back, we’re doing whatever feels right.
Mike: There’s a lot of country! So we hope you guys like country music.
Dana: Yeah, so far it’s a good mix of different styles and sounds. We’re excited for people to hear it.

Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans and to the readers of Into The Crowd?
Come see our shows!
Mike: Check out our music!

Read our review of Stay Seventeen show in Toronto here.

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