CONCERT REVIEW: The Used & Taking Back Sunday @ Boston, MA


Photos and review by Abbey Toomey-Fisk / Edited by Savana Ogburn. Unfortunately, I arrived to the Taking Back Sunday and The Used co-headlining show late and only caught the end of the first opening band, Sleepwave. From the portion of their set that I was able to hear, they sounded good. The next band, Tonight Alive, always puts on a high energy show and this time was no different; the crowd really seemed to get into their performance. 

Next up was Taking Back Sunday, who put on an incredible show. They sounded fantastic as they played songs from each of their six albums, and as a photographer, it was also incredibly exciting to shoot photos of their set.

Finally, The Used took the stage and their set up was unlike any I’ve ever seen. It fit the vibe of the band perfectly, and with every song they played, they seemed to get better and better. The crowd was amazing as the band played their last few songs, and they sounded superb.

If this tour comes to a city near you, absolutely do not hesitate to attend; I promise you will have a great night!

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