BESTiE - No Bad Days - Album Cover Artwork - 1.2MB

Artist: BESTiE
Album: No Bad Days
Release Date: April 22
Rating: 4.5/5

By Savoula Stylianou. When I think of summer, I think of all the possible ways to infuse pineapples into my daily life. Or, maybe I didn’t think of that until I heard BESTiE’s first single “Pineapple” – a sure-fire soundtrack to all of the usual summer gatherings this year. Whether it’s an afternoon barbecue in the park or a late night beach session, BESTiE’s new album No Bad Days has got you covered.

Hailing from Vancouver and being able to use those dazzling waters for inspiration, it’s no wonder this four-piece band has figured out the perfect formula for tropical pop tunes made to be kept on repeat. Consisting of Tristan, Daniel, Andrew, and Rob, BESTiE has created a wonderfully upbeat and beachy sound with the eight tracks on their new album, just in time for a long-awaited summer after that Canadian polar vortex of seemingly never-ending doom. On their website, the guys write that they’re inspired by “ice cream, the beach, girls, floating down a river in an inner tube, high fives and heartbreak,” exactly the reason why people can easily listen play any of the band’s tunes and fall into a trance of blissed out happiness.

The band’s sound is very much a pop-centred mixture of calypso, surf sound, and skamusic, with certain parts achieving the same vibe with the vocals as a lot of the music by Vampire Weekend. That being said, I found a lot of the album made me allude to not only the animated vocals, but the cheerful feeling of Ra Ra Riot’s songs, “Dance With Me” and “Beta Love.”

With their music, BESTiE has also managed to create a symphonic juxtaposition with their lyrics, from the delightfully fanciful to the mundane reflective of life. For example, “Fell In Love With A Stripper” details exactly what you would think. The lead singer croons, “you smiled and said I’ll make your dreams come true” as the first chorus begins with the chimes of traditional calypso music. Then there are songs like “Kelly Kapowski” and “Foolish Hearts” that show the band’s depth beyond the ability to create quirky uplifting tunes. The lyrics are heartfelt, reminding the listener of trials and tribulations of the amazing but sometimes disastrous effects of love. In “Foolish Hearts,” the music softly drives the listener to recall their own heartbreak as the song goes on, “On your doorway I did fall/Said that you had to go/Only foolish hearts fall in love.”

It’s tracks like “Pineapple” and “Sriracha,” though, that have me doing all the best embarrassing dance moves, such as the water sprinkler, because how could a song named after everyone’s favourite condiment not be an instant hit. The album left me craving for a sip of whatever awesome energy juice the band was drinking when they produced such great music. Chances are, with the “prickle exterior/delicious inside” nature of the pineapple, it’s a key ingredient in the mixture.

BESTiE’s album No Bad Days is set to officially release April 22nd, 2014 (although you can advance stream it live now on Soundcloud! – see below), just in time for their Canadian tour in May. Starting in their home province of British Columbia, the band has 11 dates set in 10 different cities, including two shows in Toronto for Canadian Music Week – the first on May 9 at the Garrison and the second on May 10 at Dakota Tavern. You don’t want to miss the chance to hear these guys play live; I dare you to not start dancing. Just bring your shades, your mixed drinks of choice, and prepare to jam to the sweet vibes of the soundtrack to summer 2014.

Stream the full length album below!

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