Review by Renee Tran / Photos by Winnie Surya. Manhattan garage-rock band SKATERS performed earlier in April at The Drake Underground. Coming close to the end of their tour, the show in Toronto was a rugged and jaded performance. The stream of hard bass and drum line throughout the show drowned the crowd in head banging, body jamming, and feet wondrously moving music.

Debuting their album Manhattan – a tribute to young adult ventures, cliché the quote goes, “let the night take you away.” The performance SKATERS displayed, was as though it went by this skeleton with a pinch of, “let’s make some chaos.”

The stage was back dropped of SKATERS ‘NYC Bolt’ logo, red collaged decorated drums, with the lights dimmed to a perfect purple glow. The set-up to their performance was perfectly ornate.

Michael Ian Cummings’ persistent vocals in the intoxicating instrumentals made it an ear perching catch – his engagement with the crowd made it a more intimate show. With Dan Burke on bass, his solid stance and musky glare combined with Joshua Hubbard’s (guitarist) chill swagger made it a dynamic atmosphere to enjoy. The hard-hitting drummer, Noah Rubin did an excellent job of making SKATERS’ performance climatic with the absolute realization of wanting more. And more and more SKATERS’ gave with an encore.

As the night progressed into the end of SKATERS’ show, the entirety of their first headlining show in Toronto was a solid and ear ringing performance.

SKATERS’ in Toronto, check.

Check out SKATERS performing “Deadbolt” in Toronto below.

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