ALBUM REVIEW: Stop Dead – Dirt and Dust


Artist: Stop Dead
Album: Dirt and Dust
Release Date: March 18

By Karmin Yu. Recently, many of This Century’s fans were taken aback (not in a good way) by Alex Silverman’s departure from the band. Although we here at Into The Crowd Magazine do wish him the very best and do respect his decision, we wondered, was there any way to fill this void? While we were all busy moping about this sad news, in came This Century’s drummer, Ryan Gose (aka Stop Dead), and his new EP Dirt and Dust that saved the day.

If you’ve never heard Stop Dead’s music, then let’s set something straight: it is not to be mistaken with This Century’s. While the band now has this poppy vibe to their name, Ryan Gose’s side project, however, embraces the edgy side of the music world.

His EP consists of 4 very catchy and similar sounding songs. Compared to Some Kind Of Dangerous, it’s a tad bit more mature, but it still retains that rock sound that manages to separate him from the band he drums for. The first track, “We Own the Night,” successfully captures the listener’s attention with its dark and groovy effects, making it fun to listen to (even though some parts of the song do sound similar to the Black Eyed Peas’ “Pump It”). Then, we have a very catchy “Supernova” that hooks you right into the roller coaster of the song. A favourite of mine is “Light My Fire” due to the fact that it has this old school rock feel to it. Finally, the EP closes off with “Dirt and Dust” which leaves you singing the line “My bones are turned to dirt and dust now” even hours after listening to this song.

Overall, Dirt and Dust is a great preview of what’s to come for Stop Dead. Check out my favourite song here: 


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