ALBUM REVIEW: Eagles in Drag – Self Titled


Artist: Eagles in Drag
Album: Eagles in Drag
Release Date: March 25
Rate: 5/5

By Lauren Lyford. Some of our very favorite 8123 dudes compiled themselves into a new project entitled Eagles in Drag. The group is made up of Ryan Gose of This Century, Eric Halvorsen of A Rocket to the Moon, Trey Nickelsen of Fairline, and John O’Callaghan and Jared Monaco of The Maine. This talented group of fellas comes together naturally to bring us listeners a very eclectic sound.

The first song on the self-entitled EP is “ Pretty Girl Monster”, this track grabs your attention with its strong vocals and leaves you wanting more. Next is “Dog Days” which is a personal favorite of mine, the guitar parts in this song will make you want to get up and move. Then we have “Buzz”, this has a sort of psychedelic vibe to it, that you could get lost in. Another favorite of mine, puts into words how strange we all really are, in “One Four Six”.  And lastly we have “Black Dolphin” which opens with one of the strongest guitar riffs of the EP, accompanied with strong vocals this last track leaves you full of anticipation for the next release from Eagles in Drag.

Us 8123 fans couldn’t have asked for more. I cant wait to see what else this group of friends has in store for us in the future. Go buy Eagles in Drag for yourself, all your friends and your mom. This album wont disappoint.

Here you can find “ Pretty Girl Monster”  You can also find the rest of the tracks on the 8123 Website!

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