love robot Suggested by: Chloe Hoy, Writer Black pop band Love, Robot, is gearing up for the release of their upcoming album, “B.A.D.” The Long Island-based quartet dabbles in rock, alternative, and pop in their emotionally-heavy tunes, and is fronted by the vocals of Alexa San Roman. Along with bandmates Anthony Rega, Nicholas Starrantino, and Dane Petersen, the members prove that they not only have the ‘easily-relatable’ lyrics, but the instrumental skill to master a number of heavier pop-rock tracks. Their latest single, Fire Escape,is my favourite song of the bunch. The raw vocals and lyrics help craft the beautiful track, and definitely help to solidify their spot in the music scene. For its powerful message, check out the music video below. Although the group creates a sound all their own, you can find a likeness to Automatic Loveletter, and Brand New. The band is currently vying for a spot on Vans Warped Tour. You can vote for them here, because although I live nowhere near NY, everyone on the east coast still deserves to hear Love, Robot live! And stay tuned for their upcoming album, it’s sure to be a (pleasant) riot, in the best way possible.

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