CONCERT REVIEW: Lydia @ Toronto, ON

12 Lydia

What? Have our prayers been answered? Did Lydia really play Illuminate track to track live? Yes, folks, they did! On Saturday, March 15, 2014, Arizona based band, Lydia, played the Toronto Virgin Mod Club to a full venue of excited fans.

Golden Sun was the first band to play that night, warming up the crowd with their soulful music, getting everyone ready for a great show. They instantly won the attention of the audience with their smiling faces and fun music to match.

HRVRD (pronounced Harvard) then took the stage, capturing the eyes and ears of every audience member in the room! The band immediately created a totally different vibe with their unique, alternative sounding music. Not only was their musical performance interesting and captivating, but they were also engaging with their audience, which only made us love them more! Lead vocalist, Jesse Clasen, made a fun impact on the audience by picking people at random, trying to play games and guess their names. In fact, I was one of the people he picked on; he did not guess my name.  They ended their set with Jesse jumping off the stage playing his horn instrument, walking through the crowd and leaving. It was certainly an unforgettable show!

Lydia then took the stage! Every heart in the room fluttered as front man, Leighton Antelman, opened the show with “This Is Twice Now. As it is the Illuminate Tour, Lydia played the entire Illuminate album, start to finish (yes, there were tears, from pretty much everyone). Every member of the audience sang their hearts out to their favourite tracks off the album; there was not a single unhappy person that night. The band left the stage after playing “Now The One You Once Loved Is Leaving, which was ironic as every heart in the room sunk the moment they left the stage! Thankfully, they came back for a four song encore consisting of: “Devil, “Knee Deep, “Best Nights”, and “The Exit”. The night was absolutely unforgettable. (By Hayley Hasessian)




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