REVIEW: Daisyhead/Have Mercy Split


Artist: Daisyhead + Have Mercy 

Album: Daisyhead/Have Mercy Split

Release date: February 25th, 2014

For fans of: Balance and Composure, Manchester Orchestra, Brand New, Mineral

By Nathan Cornell. When the news of this split broke, I was immediately excited to hear new music from Have Mercy. Their EP, My Oldest Friend, and debut album, The Earth Pushed Back, solidified them as one of my favorite bands. I hadn’t even heard of Daisyhead prior to this, but I’ll just say I was very pleasantly surprised.

Daisyhead starts off the split with two very solid tracks. The first is “Dishonest” which brings bands like Balance and Composure and Saosin to mind. “Dishonest” is fairly heavy track full of dynamic range and stacked harmonies. Their next effort, “Wonder,” starts off with soft vocals over picked acoustic guitar. The lyrics and vocal delivery are very earnest and honest. The first line is “Sometimes I wonder if things would be better if I never knew you.” About a minute in, the rest of the band comes in and the guitars are turned up and abrupt, but you almost don’t notice it because you’re so taken back by the soft intro and I absolutely love how they built the song like that. “Wonder” also incorporates female vocals. I don’t know who is singing them, but they are gorgeous.

The first song Have Mercy puts forth is “Pete Rose and Babe Ruth.” This track really builds upon what they with The Earth Pushed Back. It has everything you could want or expect from a Have Mercy song, but done in a new way. The melody in the chorus in broken, yearning and infectious. Have Mercy closes the split proper with “Pawn Takes Rook.” This song sounds like something that would have fit extremely well on The Earth Pushed Back and it is undeniably the standout track on the split. It’s full of strained and raspy vocals, beautiful guitars, hip hop influenced drums, pop sensibility and lyrics that will make you cry.

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