ALBUM REVIEW: Matt Webb – Right Direction


Artist: Matt Webb

Album: Right Direction

Release Date: February 4, 2014

Rating: 4.5/5

By Chloe Hoy. Fans of Canadian pop-alternative band Marianas Trench will have no trouble recognizing Matt Webb’s name. The group’s lead guitarist, however, is beginning to branch out as a solo pop artist, and is proving he has the vocals to set him apart from his Juno-award winning band.

Webb’s second EP, Right Direction, is a compilation of four original tunes, produced and mixed in his hometown of Vancouver, BC. The first track, “Right Direction,” features a steady drum beat, and focuses on Webb’s vocals and lyrics. It is a very mellow song, that is elevated with the song’s best lyrics, “Like a fire craves the rain / Like a beggar hopes for change / Like a flood needs to drain.” Immediately following, listeners get a taste of the acoustic-pop tune, “123.” Simple and sweet, it is a great unplugged song that once again, showcases Webb’s pleasant voice and guitar skills.

“Don’t Turn Your Back On Me” is my favourite track on the new release. I can’t resist a song that is piano-based, and that proves true for this stellar song. It reminds me of the good old school pop songs, that didn’t necessarily have to rely on exploding guitar riffs and drum beats. The EP closes with “Heartbreakers,” featuring Vancouver’s Fake SharkReal Zombie!’s Kevin “Kevvy Mental” Maher. The acoustic riff was a delight to hear, in addition to the tune’s jazz-inspired drum beats and great vocals.

Putting aside the cliché topics of love and relationships, Right Direction is a solid release following his first EP, Coda and Jacket (2011). I wouldn’t be surprised if Webb began gaining some individual radio play, because the majority (if not all) of the songs are tremendously catchy. At the same time, the vocals are original, and the material showcases his song writing skills. Webb tones down the pop-rock anthems Marianas Trench are known for, and delivers a well-crafted collection of melodic and vocally-driven songs sure to please new and returning listeners.

Here’s the EP teaser below!

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