ALBUM REVIEW: St. Vincent – St. Vincent


Artist: St. Vincent 

Album: St. Vincent 

Release Date: February 25th, 2014

For Fans Of: tUnE-yArDs, of Montreal, and Dirty Projectors.

Notable Tracks: “Birth in Reverse,” “Regret,” “Psychopath,” and “Every Tear Disappears”

Rating: 4 / 5

By Jennie Tan. Annie Clark, better known as St. Vincent, continues to spark intrigue with her latest self-titled record. Although Clark has been working nearly nonstop (she released Strange Mercy in 2011, collaborated with David Byrne on Love This Giant soon afterwards, and has been touring relentlessly), St. Vincent is incredibly focused and conceptualized.

St. Vincent’s fourth release is introduced with “Rattlesnake.” The influence of the digital age is immediate, as the almost glitch-like opening melody is the basis of the track. However, all preconceptions that St. Vincent is a stereotypical futuristic electronic album should be left at the door. Clark unexpectedly blends slick experimental guitar work and danceable beats together that highlight her poignant, self-aware lyrics flawlessly. Dark and intricate guitar riffs in songs like “Huey Newton” and the outlandish “Bring Me Your Loves” nicely compliment the themes depicting this strange, yet mesmerizing new internet-based era.

The album’s second single, “Digital Witness,”  interestingly points out society’s obsession with documenting and sharing our lives: “What’s the point of even sleeping? / If I can’t show it, you can’t see me / what’s the point of doing anything?” Nevertheless, in aloof online fashion, Clark disperses sassy, tongue-in-cheek “yeah”’s within the pre-chorus as if to accentuate the line, “I care, but I don’t care.”

While the album varies from track to track, including the subtle “Prince Johnny” and more eccentric “Every Tear Disappears,” it flows well as a whole. The theme of the album adds a level of structure, but Clark manages to preserve the organic feel of albums prior. The minute details of St. Vincent make this already standout record one you may find yourself spinning for days on end.

For more:

Listen to and watch the official video for “Digital Witness” below:

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