Album: Manhattan
Release Date: Feb 25

Who’s bringing back punk? SKATERS, and no they don’t skate nor do they dance. NYC based artists released Manhattan their debut full length record creating an entirely new age of grungey-melodic based side of punk.

Skaters bandmates all hailing from Boston, UK and LA have contributed to their highly cultured sound. Manhattan is heavily influenced with sounds of 70’s & 80’s rock which is evident in their breakthrough track “Miss Teen Massachusetts” with their witty lyrics, and “house party” vibe they can easily be anyone’s favorite. SKATERS ability to engulf the the sad side of the teenage mind and naivety of being young, roaming through life without a clue creates this sense of coming of age. Every song seems like a anti-social relation, heartbreak and carefree mindset.

“I Wanna Dance (But I Don’t Know How), pop like beats and lyrics can make anyone dance, and without a doubt make you remember what it was feel not only misunderstood, but breaking free from the institutions of life and just living in the moment. What sets SKATERS record apart from many other alternative artists is their ability to be genre hoppers – partially uptempo dance to surfy-punk rock. There’s this nostalgic essence to their lyrics, that reminds listeners of The Strokes. Favorite track off are “Schemers” & “To Be Young”.

SKATERS is groovy, timeless, and tragically comforting. (By Eman El-Saied)

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