INTERVIEW: Bear Mountain


Bear Mountain is a four-piece group hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia. These 4 boys released their debut album, XO, in May of 2013 and it is full of upbeat, electronic tracks. After touring much of 2013, they have decided to continue touring well into 2014 and even hope to start recording soon. Into the Crowd was recently able to sit down with this quartet to see what they’re up to and what’s next!

Q: How does it feel to play at major music festivals?
A: It’s pretty fun. I think, for us it’s like kind of a dream come true. To play big festivals and in front of big crowds, especially with the type of music we play.

Q: How’s touring so far?
A: It’s been fun. It’s been different this tour. We’ve done west coast and Texas and New York and now this Canadian part. It’s been really good.

Q: So it must be cool to go back to Canada after this tour.
A: It’s weird. We’ve been to so many different places on this trip. It’s been kind of lucid; like you don’t really know where you are. Three weeks ago we were in Austin, Texas in 30 degree weather and then we were in New York a week ago and now it’s really cold. You don’t even know where you are.

Q: How did you come up with your band name?
A: It came from a book (The Dharma Bum by Jack Kerouac) but to be honest, it doesn’t really have any significance. It’s just a band name.

Q: You guys just released you debut album, XO. Can you tell us anything about it?
A: The songs were recorded over a long period of time. It was done in different sections. There was the laptop stuff and then there were live drums and then a lot of layering.

Q: Any story behind the name?
A: No, I just had to think of a name the day of. They’re just names to be honest. I’m not really good with them.

Q: What’s in store for you after this tour?
A: Not a lot of sleep, no girls, lots of driving, some shows.

Q: If you could describe your music in three words, what would they be?
A: Obsequious, effervescent, uplifting

Q: What is your inspiration?
A: Everything. No one thing. We just listen to a lot of music and try to get inspired. It’s like chasing something.

Q: Last question, what’s your favorite record of this year?
A: Days Are Gone by Haim. It’s so good. That’s my favorite release of this year.

Interview & Photo by Winnie Surya

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