INTERVIEW: The Chainsmokers


Interview by Tiffany Lam. T’was the week before Christmas, not too long before the song #SELFIE took the EDM world by storm, we sat down with NY duo Alex and Drew of The Chainsmokers before their first show in Toronto at the Hoxton.

Initially, before meeting the duo in person, we have to admit we didn’t quite understand their humour (or maybe we’re just really gullible), but after a while you start to realize how hilarious their personalities are… And amazing at completing each other’s answers. Though probably a lot less exciting in writing, the interview was far from dull, and one of the most entertaining (and confusing) interviews we’ve ever done. And a hilarious recording to transcribe.

Check it out below!

The Chainsmokers… where did this name come from?
A&D: We don’t know; it just happened… like the Chaos Theory.
T: So, if you had to rename The Chainsmokers, what would it be?
A&D: Avicii

How did you guys meet?
A&D: On Chat Roulette. Seriously. It’s true. It’s in our bio.

What’s your favourite track to play at shows?
A&D: Sheryl Crow – Strong enough to be my man
T: Really?
A&D: Yeah, and we usually dedicated it to someone… So if you come tonight, we’ll probably dedicate it to you.

What’s the best part about being on the road?
D: I really like being on the road.
A: *turns to Drew* …Why…
A: I like the food.
D: Yeah, you get to eat in all these different cities, it’s sweet.
A: Usually the host takes you out.
D: Free steak dinners!! And asparagus. I love asparagus. But there’s a lot of other good things too.


What has been your proudest moment so far?
D: I got a boner after like 13 shots of whiskey the other night.
T: That’s… Surprising.
A: Probably Tomorrow World for a serious answer, but [Drew’s] was a really good answer.

(Editor’s note #2: Yeah, as you can see, sarcasm’s really hard to tell in a written interview, but I guess it is what it is.)

Favourite artist right now, EDM or other:
A: Drake
D: Galantis. Hands down.

Biggest music guilty pleasure:
A: Coldplay.
D: Coldplay. I fucking love Coldplay.

Biggest pet peeve:
A: Wet socks.
D: People that walk slowly in front of you.


Best meal of your life:
A: Woah.
D: Woah. At my friend Zack’s house.
T: Ok ok, best meal on tour this year?
D: Ooh, remember the time we crossed the border from Mexico…
A: The sandwich spot at the liquor store… That was special.
D: It was amazing.
A: We don’t actually know the name of this place, it was just this liquor store that had sandwiches.
D: In McCallen, Texas. After 4 hours of crossing the border from Mexico. That was delicious. I remember both of us just being in heaven.
A: Yeah, I wanted 50 of those.

My friends would describe me as…
A: Sensitive. It’s in my bio (Fact #1: Alex is often known as the Emo 1/2 of The Chainsmokers)
D: Curious

My mom would describe me as…
D: Sensitive
A: Curious

Most private thing you’ll admit:
D: I don’t know, we’re pretty open about everything – that’s kind of our thing.
A: Drew used to work at a hot dog stand, but everyone knows that. I cried two weeks ago…
D: And I liked that he cried.


What would fans be surprised to know about the Chainsmokers?
A&D: Our song #Selfie was an accident. A terribly great accident. It was a joke, they just didn’t get it.

People don’t get our jokes either. One time we photoshopped Justin Bieber into a photo with us DJing, clearly photoshopped. The top comment was like, ‘Way to lose all your core fans by hanging out with Justin Bieber’, and there was 107 Likes on his comment!!

(Fact #2: Drew is apparently obsessed with Likes)
(Fact #3: Alex sometimes combs his hair with hotel toothbrushes, specifically Drew’s)

If you ever found yourself running from the cops, it would most likely be for…
A: We got into a lot of fights recently
D: We got into a lot of fights recently
A: So maybe beating someone’s ass
D: Or getting our ass beaten, or getting blamed for starting the fight, which we probably did start
A: Yeah, that or public nudity


Last question, what are your future plans together as The Chainsmokers? You know, any goals, hopes, aspirations, the next step?
Get married. Dinner at 8. Plans to get a hot dog later.
D: I think we should have a TV show.
A: On MTV. It’s gonna be great.
D: We’ll call it “The Wild Life of Alex and Dan (Drew)”
T: Why do you get a different name?
D: I’m not going to be in the show. My friend Dan will play me.

These guys were quite the comedians. Would you watch their TV show? The Chainsmokers return to The Hoxton this Saturday, March 1st 2014. Get your 20$ tickets here.

Instagram: @TheChainsmokers
Twitter: @TheChainsmokers

(Check out our post about #SELFIE here and the magazine spread here on page 16.)

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