Tampa based rock band, Set It Off will be joining We Are The In Crowd and William Beckett on stage this upcoming Sunday, February 23 at Virgin Mobile Mod Club in Toronto, ON. We had the pleasure to chat with guitarist, Dan Clermont about the tour, upcoming album and eating poutine in Toronto. Read the interview below!

1) How excited are you to play with fellow Equal Vision artist, William Beckett?

We’re very excited to be on tour with William. We had the pleasure of spending this past summer with him on The Vans Warped Tour and had nothing short of a great time.

2) What fans should expect from this tour?
I don’t want to give too much away but we are definitely doing things very different, we feel we’ve found a very fun, interactive, emotional way to perform these songs. Our goal is to give people more than just a concert, we want to take them on a journey and feel as if they are a part of our story.

3) Do you have any favourite thing to do in Toronto?
Eating Poutine haha can never get enough of that!

4) Why did you guys decided to re-release your sophomore album, Cinematics?
We decided to do the re-release because we were very happy about the response Cinematics initially received, so we thought why don’t we re imagine some of the songs to give them a different light and throw in some new ones on top of that?!

5) Since you guys are going to record your third album this year, is the album going to sound different than Horrible Kids and Cinematics?
I feel that the amount of stuff our band has gone through in the 17/18 months Cinematics that has been out, we haven’t just grown as people but as musicians as well. With that being said, the music and songwriting has taken a natural progression, like ourselves as individuals, that will be strongly reflected through this new album – while still maintaining what makes us Set It Off.

6) What’s the story behind your song “Partners in Crime”? 
The story behind “Partners in Crime”, I would say, is our spin of a classic Bonnie and Clyde tale of two people who are absolutely deathly in love with each other but so happen to choose the life of being criminals.

7) What’s in store for you guys after this tour?
After this tour finishes on the 4th of April, we work our way out to West Hollywood to begin recording our new album. Then once that’s finished, we will be doing lots and lots of touring right up to and through the new release!

Make sure to catch Set It Off on tour now. Click here to see their current tour dates.

Interview by Winnie Surya

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