REVIEW: Wayfarer – The Albatross We Keep


Artist: Wayfarer
Album: The Albatross We Keep
Release Date: Feb 18

Wayfarer is set to release their first ever EP entitled The Albatross We Keep on February 18th. Wayfarer is made up of one very talented guy, Nik Piscitello who used to find himself in a post-hardcore band. In this EP, Piscitello seems to show off his softer side by writing coffee shop-esc songs to help his listeners through the struggles of growing up.

All of the songs on The Albatross We Keep are so raw that the words will linger in the back of your mind making you want to hear more and more from WayfarerPiscitello’s voice is so sultry and beautiful you would be a fool to not enjoy this EP. His songs are very reminiscent of Ryan Adams and Augustana. The song “Worried Ways” gives off a very vulnerable to the listener. By doing this all who listen will be able to connect with this song and all the others.

The song “Skeletons” reminds me the most of Ryan Adams, brought together by the beautiful lyrics and soothing acoustic guitar parts makes it a very solid tune. I can already see myself sitting with my coffee, reading a book and listening to this outstanding album. With talents like Nik Piscitello’s, this wont be the last we hear of Wayfarer. This album is a must have for everyone. (By Lauren Lyford)

Most listen to: “On and On”, Best and Worst” and “Worried Ways”
For fans of: Ryan Adams, Augustana, and City and Colour

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