REVIEW: Elder Brother – Heavy Head

unnamedArtist: Elder Brother
Album: Heavy Head
Release date: March 11

Elder Brother is about to release their debut album Heavy Head this upcoming March 11th 2014 via Pure Noise Records. The band consists of Kevin Geyer from The Story So Far and Dan Rose from Daybreaker, with additional help in the studio from Matthew and Charles Vincent from The American Scene!

Heavy Head highlights the band’s ability to write great, meaningful, and catchy lyrics relatable at any age. Like vocalist Kevin Geyer sings, “Not making excuses I’m just waiting my anchor, you’re not asking the questions I’m providing the answer“ in the opening track, ‘Pennsylvania.’ Which sort of paves the path for the rest of the album to take, it certainly gives you an idea on what the rest of the album is going to sound like.

One of the tracks on this album, ‘Lightning Bug’ is definitely one of the major highlights of the album, the impact the track which makes it slightly different from the rest makes it stand out from the rest, and although it is a fantastic track, it is telling that this stands out over the rest. The album itself just feels a bit too similar throughout, and moving through from track one to eleven can sometimes feel like one massive barrage of a track instead of separate songs.  In “Whos Gonna Carry You Home,” one of my personal favorites on the record, the lyrics goes “If I walked away then who’s gonna carry you home? Well we may had a bit too much but no one has to know” really shows the listener that they even have a vulnerable side.

As the record progresses, Elder Brother delivers one great hit after another. Guess they wanted to save the more mellow stuff for the end. “Sunday Morning,” the album’s closing track finally gives the listener a chance to lay down, and catch their breath from all the singing along in front of the mirror they were doing in the previous ten songs. This is the definitely the standout track too. Overall, it’s the perfect album to play in your car when you’re driving and this album wis the perfect fix for my latest music addiction. For a first full length release it is incredibly impressive that they’ve managed to gather up so much hype and release what is effectively a solid album, with a couple of standout tracks. (By Seanzha Kemal)

Rate: 4/5
Go listen: Pennsylvania, Who’s Gonna Carry You Home, Really Free, Throw Me To The Wolves

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