REVIEW: Kenya – Kenya EP


Artist: Kenya
Album: Kenya EP
Release date: February 4

Up until now I had not heard the fresh new stylings of the band Kenya.  After one listen of their new self-entitled album, I was hooked. It was refreshing to go into this review not knowing what to expect and to not have any preconceived notions of the band.

The first song I was introduced to was “Welcome to You” and in the beginning I heard a The 1975 vibe which then switched into more of a club dance tune that catches your attention and won’t let you go. Then I dove into “Revolution”, which has to be my favorite out of the four. The vibe of “Revolution” takes you to a whole other planet with its spacey stylings.

The track “Yes or No” definitely sets itself apart from the rest of the album. Part of the song is very reminiscent of Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” where he whispers; “If I was your boyfriend I’d never let you go” but instead “I see you looking at me with your staring eyes.” All in all it’s a very interesting song that I can’t stop listening to! And finally we have “Faces of the Damned”.  It’s a very uplifting song that lets all of its listeners know that we’re all “more than just another face”.

Over all I was very impressed with the new up and coming band Kenya. I believe that they will get very far with their interesting sound that is seemingly genre breaking. (By Lauren Lyford)

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