REVIEW: Diamond Youth – Shake


Artist: Diamond Youth
Album: Shake
Release date: February 4

I usually don’t find myself listening to 90’s inspired rock but I was presently surprised by Diamond Youth. I still can’t say that this is my favorite genre of music but Diamond Youth’s album Shake opened my eyes a bit.

Before now I had only heard one song by the band, which made it easier for me to do this review because I didn’t have much to compare it to. The album starts out with the song “Red Water”, this song has a very strong bass part that I always enjoy.  The second is “Can’t Shake the Feeling” this track really reminds me of the band the Cribs and the way they structure their songs. Then we have “Don’t Feel Real” and “Warm Scene” both of these tracks are very 90’s rock reminiscent.

And finally there is “Maryland Ice Cream” and the hidden track “Copy Cat” these two have to be my favorites of the album Shake. Despite the cold that is here now, I can picture myself driving with the windows down rocking out to these two tracks.

If you are a 90’s rock fan you are sure to enjoy this album! Well done Diamond Youth. (By Lauren Lyford)

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