REVIEW: We Are The In Crowd – Weird Kids


Artist: We Are The In Crowd
Album: Weird Kids
Release date: February 18

Poughkeepsie’s pop-rock darlings We Are the In Crowd impress with their latest release, Weird Kids. A collection of ten songs that stay true to their roots, although varying slightly from the upbeats of Best Intentions, is sure to provide adequate listening material for any new listener (or devoted fan) looking for a taste of something fresh.

Starting off with “Long Live The Kids,” the band proves they have the chops to execute a ballad, at least in progression. Make no mistake; it still remains a hard-hitting anthem that has some great gang vocals. “The Best Thing (That Never Happened)” is one of the more ‘edgier’ tunes of the album, and is followed by “Manners,” which is a great showcase of the back-and-forth magic of Jardine and Eckes.

“Come Back Home” is a sweet, slower track, but definitely one of my favourites. Another heavier song, “Dreaming Out Loud,” features thumping guitar lines and drum beats. I imagine the audience being very high-energy when hearing this one, it’s pretty lively. I fell in love with the bridge in “Remember (To Forget You),” it has a catchy chorus although the topic is kind of cliché.

Jardine‘s vulnerability is showcased in “Windows In Heaven,” where she sings about her late father – truly a beautiful song, it was done well, and definitely does the band justice in terms of their growth. Ending the album with “Reflections” was a smart choice, returning the band to its exuberant pop-rock roots. To me, this one was the most reminiscent to their debut release.

A strong output from We Are the In Crowd, who continues to prove that they are without doubt, deserving fixtures in the growing pop-rock scene. Here’s to hoping that we don’t have to wait over another two years for their next release, but until then, we have Weird Kids to savour. (By Chloe Hoy)

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