REVIEW: Drowners – Drowners


Artist: Drowners
Album: Drowners
Release Date: January 28

Reviewing Drowners’ new self-titled LP, while having never listened to their music before, was met with indifference and no clue as to what I would find in their music. What I did find, however, left me pleasantly surprised.

With the opening song, “Ways to Phrase a Rejection”, the vibe is immediately reminiscent of something out of The Wombats back catalog. That vibe carries on into each of the songs of the album, along with a sound comparable to Arctic Monkeys’ early work. Songs such as “Luv, Hold Me Down”, “Pure Pleasure”, and “Bar Chat” feel as if they belong in 1980s Britpop, making you want to dance no matter what mood you find yourself in.

Most of the lyrics throughout the album are observations of everyday encounters and personal relationships, making the whole of the album completely relatable and easy to listen to.

While many of the songs on the album are quite similar and indistinguishable from one another, the happy, get-up-and-dance pop theme is undoubtedly refreshing and addicting, ultimately leaving you wanting more. (By Shelby Kreiger)

Preorder Drowners’ new LP, Drowners, at
Catch them on the US East Coast: Jan. 30 – Feb. 7, 2014

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