Dresses is a duo between Timothy Heller and her boyfriend, Jared Ryan Maldonado. Their EP, Sun Shy, came out early September of 2013. It is a nine tracks EP, and a lot of fun to listen to in the car.

With darker lyrics and a happy sound, Dresses is one of my favorite bands of 2013. You can watch their music video for their song, “Blew My Mind” below.

If I had to pick a favorite song off of the album, it would be “Back To Life.” I love Timothy‘s voice, and the opening line, “wake up, you’re not dead, you’re breathing.” It is a fun song about being alive and in love. You can listen to “Back To Life” below.

  Also, Dresses will be touring late January, early February on the west coast. Make sure to catch them on tour! (By Courtney Luzarraga)

  Jan 30 The Bartlett, Spokane, WA
  Feb 03 The New Parish, Oakland, CA
  Feb 04 Cobalt Cafe, Canoga Park, CA
  Feb 06 Pub Rock, Scottsdale, AZ

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