INTERVIEW: From Indian Lakes


Hailing from California, From Indian Lakes has had a very impressive 2013. After they released their latest record in 2012, Able Bodies, the band has been on multiple tours, including this current one with The Maine and Anberlin. Luckily, we were given the chance to sit down and chat with the five young men about tours, music and everything in between!

Q: To start out, you haven’t put out an album since Able Bodies in 2012. Are you recording or have you recorded anything?
A: Yeah, probably like early next year. We’re just kind of winging it

Q: Do you guys have any collaboration ideas or people you’d like to collaborate with? Maybe The Maine or Lydia?
A: Probably all three of them.

Q: How do you feel about this current tour?
A: All the bands are really cool.

Q: How does it feel to tour with Lydia again?
A: It feels good! It’s like old times.

Q: I heard your band name is from you actual town name? Who came up with that idea?
A: Originally, it was just me [Joey] by myself and it was meant to be like “Songs From Indian Lakes” and then it just got shortened.

Q: Why did Able Bodies vinyl got post-poned?
A: There were some weird situations with the companies that we were trying to go through. We kind of learned a lesson about what it’s like to be a nobody and trying to get stuff done when the industry wants someone to be popular. Now we just send them through Bandcamp.

Q: What’s in store after this tour?
A: More tours. Never stop touring.

Q: Now for some fun questions! What’s your favorite tour snack?
A: We just got into a bag of veggie chips. We like Slim Jims. Honey twist Fritos are the best and salt n’ vinegar are good too. And gummy worms!

Q: If your 16 year old self saw you now, what would they think?
Rick: My 16 year old self would be pretty stoked.
Joey: Mine would be confused and angry emotionally. He’d be wondering why I don’t have long dreadlocks.

Q: When you were home did you go to any shows?
A: Yeah, pretty recently we went to a couple shows. We saw The Chariot when he was on tour. I [Chris] remember when I found out they were breaking up. I went and bought their latest record on vinyl.

Q: Final question! What’s your favorite thing to do in Seattle? Did you go down to Pike’s Place?
A: We normally do but today we came from Portland straight here.

Interview and photo by Kelsey Hall

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