Having released their most recent album In A Perfect World just this past summer, Kodaline has been occupying themselves with touring around Europe and North America. The quartet took the time to speak to us about their tour, new album, the holidays and so much more.

You just played at Mod Club last night, right? So, how was that?
Steve: It was really cool, it’s great to come to Toronto; it’s our second time here and the last time we were here was to support a band called The Airborne Toxic Event and that was at the Danforth Music Hall. It’s good to come back and play our own show and we sold out, it’s pretty cool.

How is the tour so far?
Mark: It’s been a lot of fun. We’ve been on tour for about 12 days and we’ve spend quite a lot of time in New York. We started off in Austin for Austin City Limits and now all we have left is our own shows. After today, we drive to Chicago and then Minneapolis and then the West Coast. We love driving around America. The shows have been amazing and our first headline shows have been in America.
Steve: Before this American tour, we’ve been touring pretty much all year around Europe, Japan, Australia, the UK and Ireland. To come here, as Mark said, it’s our first headline tour in America, so it’s really exciting and they’re most of the places that we haven’t been before, so we’re really looking forward to it; so far, so good.

You guys used to be known as 21 Demands, why did you guys change the name?
Steve: When we were kids, we were in school together as mates. We were friends before and we actually played music together. So, when we were in high school and when we were 15, we just started a band and called it 21 Demands and we did battle of the bands and stuff. Then, we ended up getting a name for ourselves and we just grew out of it. Two years ago, we continued writing songs and we fell into being a band; we never actually planned on being a band, we just wrote on about stuff that’s happened to us and that’s what we still do. Eventually, people got interested and then we were like, “Okay, I suppose we should get out of our bedrooms and play these songs in front of people.” The songs were also more meaningful to us, so we felt like we might as well play them and that’s how we became Kodaline.


Who actually came up with the name?
Steve: We did, we were trying to think of words that we can take on. It was a night out in London and we were like, “We need a name!”

Can you tell us about your most recent album?
Mark: It’s called In A Perfect World and it’s just songs that we’ve had for the last two years. We just finished before Christmas and recorded a bit with a dude called Steve Harris, a producer. So yeah, it’s finally out and it’s nice to have it out after having it for so long on the wraps. It’s the reactions that we get from people that’s amazing. We didn’t think we’d be able to come to Toronto and do a sold out show. It’s taking off quicker than I would’ve hoped.

What’s the meaning of the title of your album?
Steve: There’s no such thing as a perfect world, so that’s why the title is kind of like a total cheat. You can only strive to be happy and that’s kind of the underlying theme of the album. Life doesn’t always go as you plan it to go. If you think positive, it’s the best you can do; if you’re happy, you’re happy. So, In A Perfect World is ironic if you get what I mean because nothing is perfect.

What would YOUR perfect world be like?
Steve: Playing music for the rest of our lives.
Mark: If we got to do like five albums, bigger venues – that would be pretty perfect.
Steve: It’s the people that we meet when we go on tour, like other bands and fans and local crew and venues. When you go home from being on tour, you’re just all by yourself and you’re not meeting new people and you miss that. I’m not going to grow tired of that soon, I want to keep that going for as long as possible.
Mark: What’s really interesting is people coming to shows and telling us how much our music means to them and how different songs connect to them. It keeps it really interesting. At one point, there was a wedding proposal at our show; last night, someone told us: “This song is going to be our wedding song”; it’s moments like that that really make us feel like we have a purpose.

Why did you guys decided to released the sequel of “All I Want” music video?
Mark: Last year, we released our first EP and “All I Want” was on it. We just kind of did that video in Dublin and it was such a cool story; it worked well with the song and we really loved the characters in it. A lot of fans were asking, “Please do it! What happens? I want to know what happens!” It’s more for the fun of it and also, we just really loved those characters.


Read the rest of the interview here. Photos and interview by Winnie Surya.

2 thoughts on “ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Kodaline

    • Hey Elyse,
      We actually caught up with them a little while ago and featured them in our December Issue 15, so the post date January 9th is in fact correct. They fortunately came back soon after for another Toronto show, this time being at the Danforth Music Hall – we were there too! The proposal was wonderful.

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