Three-piece indie band, Cardinals, hails from Niagara, Ontario. The group released their eight track album, Farther Than Love, in September – one that features a fresh sound that differs from the current acts dominating the always-changing music industry. With a blend of soul, rock, folk (and a hint of pop), the group doesn’t disappoint with their smooth tunes. 

Featuring Levi Clattenburg on lead vocals, Myles Rogers on bass, and Nathaniel Rustenburg on drums, the release of their album is a follow-up to their self-titled EP (circa 2012), which solidified their potential – cue their first single, the sweet song “Julie”. They had an exciting 2013, which saw them make appearances at multiple high schools throughout eastern Canada, which has seemed to gain them much recognition and new fans.

My favourite track of theirs is “Throne”, which has great percussion to back-up the stellar vocals. I also hear they do a mean cover of Bruno Mars‘ “Treasure”. I’ll be sure to catch them when they visit the west coast, Cardinals shows much promise with the talent to back it up. Check out a video of them performing “Throne” below. (By Chloe Hoy)

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