Favourite Live Music Photos of 2013


This year, we covered hundreds of concerts with hundreds music acts from four different continents; some might be some photos that we haven’t able to share over our website yet and some might be some that went viral over the internet this year.

_MG_4779 edit-2

This photo of Hayley Williams of Paramore is easily my favorite shot from this year. They’re my favorite band and it was my first time ever seeing them live- I snuck this shot of Hayley from the balcony of the venue. It was one of the most memorable shows I’ve ever been to and I’m so glad that I have this reminder of it! – Savana Ogburn


A thunderstorm was not going to stop me from seeing my favorite band. While people were sliding around in the mud trying to get back to their cars, I was determined to weather the storm to see Fun. play live on their Most Nights Summer Tour. They put on the most incredible performance to a sold out crowd of thousands of fans. From the expressions on Nate‘s, Andrew‘s, and Jack‘s faces, I could tell that they were still in disbelief from all the success they’ve had ever since “We Are Young” hit number one back in 2012. All the hard work they’ve put into their music has paid off, and they should be proud of themselves. – Lilly Nguyen

Stars (4)

I was incredibly glad to have had the opportunity to photograph Stars‘ show at The Glass House in Pomona. This particular photo of singer/guitarist Amy Millan is my favorite because you can clearly see that Millan is in the moment. It’s always nice to see musicians just as into the music as the fans are. – Jennie Tan

Screen shot 2013-12-30 at 7.10.30 PM

This year, I shot around 105 bands – yet all of my photos of letlive. I took at Warped Tour are definitely my favourite photos I ever took this year. Their performance are effin insane – from throwing amps around, laying around on stage, crowd surfing with a rubber boat that was found at the abandoned water park by the venue, Jason Butler did ’em all. – Winnie Surya 


This picture of Bring Me The Horizon is my favorite because you can see his emotion and feel his passion – Abbey Toomey-Fisk


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