Interview: Tom Odell


Tom Odell seems relatively normal for a twenty-two year old who has a BRIT Award under his belt. The singer-songwriter politely introduces himself upon my arrival at the venue’s dim lit booth, and we begin chatting about his musical beginnings before his show in Vancouver, BC. Read Chloe’s interview with him below and click here to read the full interview on our issue.

Did you imagine having a career as a musician?
I dreamed of it, I didn’t totally believe that it ever could become a reality. It’s not something you really feel like you can do, until you actually do it.

Congratulations on winning a BRIT Award earlier this year for Critic’s Choice. What was the first thought that came to your head when you’d realized you won?
Yeah, I knew it was going to change things a lot, and bring my music to a lot more people. I was pretty excited about it.

Your debut album, Long Way Down, was released in June. What were the main inspirations behind the music?
A lot of things, really. A lot of music; artists like Arcade Fire, Bob Dylan, and Elton John. Then, a lot of films I grew up watching, Americana films I was always interested in. With the album, I really tried to produce this unguardness in my lyrics, in the songs. I wanted people to really feel some honesty there.

Could you pick a favourite track off of your album?
That’s very difficult to do. I feel like once you write a song, it no longer becomes yours. It’s like having children, you can’t pick one over the other.

What do you hope to accomplish career-wise within the next year?
I don’t know, actually. I feel like I want to carry on touring, keep building the live show up, and I want to make another album.

Have you started writing new music?
Kind of, yeah, there’s a few songs.


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