REVIEW: Ian Kelly – All These Lines


Artist: Ian Kelly
Album: All These Lines
Release Date: November 5

Montreal’s Ian Kelly explores new ground with his latest release, All These Lines. The singer-songwriter’s fourth full-length showcases his talents of being able to balance both up-tempo and softer numbers, as opposed to the indie-pop sounds of his former releases.

The album opens with “One Day,” a sweet tune with strong vocals. “Do You Love the Rain?” has a more upbeat tone, and very much reminded me of something you would hear in an indie-rock band’s repertoire. ‘Do you know when everything is dark and blue, there’s always something left to do,’ Kelly sings. I didn’t get the greatest vibe from “The World Stopped Turning,” but it picked back up with “All These Lines” – another successful effort, where the vocals, lyrics and instruments work in perfect harmony.

“The Best Years (featuring Coral Egan)” is a well-done duet, with ear-pleasing harmonies. The nostalgic lyrics (and overall aura) make it hard to dislike. Kelly goes back to his acoustic roots with “I’m On Your Side,” which sounded a little country-pop to me. “I Just Can’t Dance” reminded of a song people would swing dance to at their old school prom, very fast-paced and complete with smooth vocals singing, ‘I just can’t dance every time we get a chance!’ Don’t get mistaken by the song name “Gold,” which features a darker undertone, but ultimately is one of the album’s standout tracks. I love the haunting sound of it.

“The Astronaut” is a mellow song, and reminded me of Joshua Radin’s superb songs. I love those tracks that showcases a vocalist’s range and talent, this is one of them. The closer is “Breakfast for the Soul,” which is a good listen – heavier verses (rock ‘n’ roll anyone?) and a softer chorus. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed Ian Kelly’s latest release. As a first-time listener to his music, I found his vocals to be on-point and use of synth effective. I highly recommend All These Lines if you’re up for a solid ten tracks of instrument-filled indie-pop and rock goodness! (By Chloe Hoy)

Listen to “Do You Love the Rain?” below:

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