INTERVIEW: Southerland Nights

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We recently talked to a Houston based rock band, Southerland Nights who recently has released a new EP entitled Destroy Something Beautiful. Read the interview below:

Q: Why name your EP Destroy Something Beautiful?
A: I wanted to think of something that would sum up all 5 songs on the record. Lyrically there is a recurring theme of polar ideas; on one hand you have destruction and the other beauty. All of the songs play on this motif of dichotomy.

Q: We like that your album has an artist aspect to it, can you explain us the concept behind it?
A: Well music is an art and we like to think of ourselves as artists, I feel like a lot of people have lost sight of that. Writing a song is like painting, how boring would it be to create the same thing over and over again? Each song is different sonically; we’d like to continue doing that.

Q: We notice some of your songs are very motivational. Is “Jacquelyn Hyde” based off of somebody you know? Are other songs based off this person?
A: Not in particular, it’s more dedicated to the outcasts out there. I’ve been ostracized throughout my upbringing and I wanted try and convey what I was internalizing.  It’s nice to make songs that mean something but that will change as our next record is going to be a rap album about money, sex, and drugs.

Q: We know that you guys appreciate everything that your fans do (as shown in the video for “Here I Am”), but why did you choose THAT specific song to make a fan video?
A: The chorus of that song is all about not being afraid to follow your dreams. Everyone in The Accolade is a dreamer and without them none of our accomplishments would have been possible. I couldn’t think of another song that better demonstrates the energy of our family.

Q: The lyrics to “Dragging You Forward” describe some kind of betrayal, can you tell us about the inspiration to this song?
A: Oh man, I definitely could tell you but that would spoil the mystery wouldn’t it?

Q: Which song off of Destroy Something Beautiful is the most significant to you? Why?
A: It’s like picking your favorite child, definitely go with the youngest one. I’m kidding, all of them are very dear to me, can’t pick one.

Q: Every song on your EP is filled with energy and is super upbeat, would you guys possibly be looking into exploring different kinds of styles or genres for future music?
A: Well within the songs themselves, there are moments where things go from being really intense to real soft and then back up again. I like to think the songs are quite different from each other. We are always looking to expand on our art, we don’t want to settle on one sound.

Q: Is it more important for your song to sound good or for it to have meaning?
A: Can we have both? I believe that’s what we are going for. Personally I don’t believe we should have to choose.

Q: Can you describe your music with one colour? Why that colour?
A: Red, it’s bold and immediate.  Also here’s a stretch of a metaphor, music is in our blood.

Q: The music industry is tough, what pushes you guys to keep moving forward?
A: Nothing worth doing is easy, we have a very supportive family known as The Accolade and they serve as an amazing inspiration for us to continue. Also, we’re quite stubborn.

Q: Any future plans? 
A: We’re going on our first tour in January, we will be hitting up cities in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas. We have tons of new merch coming out, so yes of course we have tons planned for the future!

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