This past summer, we had the chance to speak to Montreal starlet, Liz Labelle, where she had mentioned about a song that she had worked on with This Century‘s Sean and Alex Silverman, entitled “Bombs Away”. Then, in September, she released the catchy song along with a lyric video. Today, she finally unveiled her long awaited music video. This music video includes multiple contestants, including Labelle herself, trying out for a talent search. The judges are bored and uninterested – until a hunky looking guy steps on stage and takes their breath away. Labelle, seeing this, is angered and tries to divert the judges’ attention to her. The whole video then continues showing montages of contestants performing their act and finally, the singer finishes hers and leaves.

If you’re looking for something catchy to listen to and entertaining to watch, then I highly recommend you to watch it below:

PS: You can also catch a glimpse of me in a giraffe suit at 0:47!


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