Artist: I Am King
Release date: October 15th, 2013

I Am King is a band that was recently signed to Rise Records. It’s everything you’d expect from a heavy band signed to the label, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

The album starts off with the furious and quick “Alpha” which feels like getting kicked in the teeth. It’s a very good introduction to the album. “Fallen” carries a very similar feeling. It’s fast, angry and has a pretty even split of clean vocals and screamed vocals.

At this point, while it isn’t bad, the album runs the risk of getting boring and varying in sound enough. The next tracks “Movie Life” and “Ambition & Contrast” do a nice job of preventing this from happening. This band is on the ‘poppier’ side of modern metal which often lacks great musicianship, but in “Movie Life” they show that you can have an accessible sound without sacrificing musicianship- the guitars in particular are fantastic. “Ambition & Contrast” starts off with a breakdown and then goes into a very dancey, almost club ready chorus. The sequencing of the songs on this album is actually pretty great.

“Julia” and “Move Slow” keep the album going strong with “Julia”’s raw and emotional vocals and “Move Slow”’s surprisingly interesting breakdowns. “Julia” is my personal favourite from the album.

The rest of the album continues with a similar feeling and mix and heaviness and melody. It closes with “Omega” which has a very dark but uplifting feeling to it which works very well as they sing about darkness and light becoming the same. I can even hear some classic metal influence in it. This is, by far, the most interesting track on the album and it is a perfect way to end the album.

I have grown very tired of this side of metal because it has become so boring, the same and overdone. I did enjoy ONEHUNDRED quite a bit though. It shows that this kind of metal still has room to grow and exist. The vocals and surprisingly good musicianship, along the lack of misogynist lyrics (I’m looking at you, “BITCH, I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU” Warped Tour bands”) really make this album shine. Hopefully Rise Records doesn’t make them purge the things that set them apart from other bands like they’re done to so many bands as of late. If this is your style of music, then definitely pick this record up, you won’t be disappointed. (By Nathan Cornell)

For fans of: Broadway, Woe is Me, Of Mice & Men, SECRETS

Listen to “Julia” here:

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