REVIEW: Sky Ferreira – Night Time, My Time


Artist: Sky Ferreira
Album: Night Time, My Time
Release Date: October 29
Rate: 9/10

After a long (loooooooooooong) journey through the music industry, model-actress-singer Sky Ferreira finally is releasing her debut album. Night Time, My Time, that was dropped on October 29 through Capitol Records. This album follows last year Ferreira‘s amazing Ghost  EP, but sadly didn’t featured any tracks from the EP.  She’s not only being creative on her music, but also naked on her album cover. She said “Well pop music is provocative. Well not always, but it should be. Maybe in some ways the image is distasteful, but I don’t feel that it’s trashy. At least not trashy in a bad way. I feel like it’s pretty spot on.”

Night Time, My Time is an alternative pop-rock album, with soaring vocals with a little bit of edge. “You’re Not The One,” the first single and one of her most played tracks to date, is a combination of hazy vibes, engaging vocals and a memorable hook making it one of those few alternative pop songs that has a huge chance at becoming a mainstream  hit and it is Ferreira’s best offering since “Everything is Embarrassing”.

“24 Hours” is the album’s sweetest track, 80’s bubblegum sound and sweet lyrics like “I wish these 24 hours would never end” and “there’s no tomorrow without you” she sounds like young Madonna in this one which is awesome and I really hope it’s going to be her next single because it’s one of my favorite tracks off the album.

The whole message of this album is not to get people to the dance floor and be/look cool like many of the other artists today, but instead to showcase the vulnerability and sensibility that Ferreira lives with everyday in her own personal way. Her added style in pop music makes for an interesting combination that today’s music could benefit from. Forget Katy Perry, forget Miley Cyrus, forget Taylor Swift, it’s Sky Ferreira‘s turn to take the spotlight because she deserves it, and more people should listen to her songs and give her more chances, aaaah if only there were more artists like her. (By Seanzha Kemal)

Listen to “You’re Not The One” below:

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