MUSIC MONDAY: Alexander France


It was late last year when British Columbia-based Alexander France released their debut EP, Dance Parlour. The indie-pop group has been on my radar ever since I heard their tunes this past summer (notably, “Battle The Tide”).

With the support of Brandon Lehti (formally of The Latency), the four-piece continues to impress with their melodic beats. I’ve had a chance to see them perform two acoustic sets, and they haven’t disappointed. Stealing from their Facebook page: do give them a listen if you’re into Maroon 5 – lead vocalist Kyle Stibbs‘ voice is phenomenal (along with the musical stylings of Steven Jay, Derek Eddie and Ryan McGrath) .

Here is a video of the band performing at a local news station, where they sang the dance-y “Disco Disco.” I really hope the young band makes it onto the soundtrack of an indie movie one day – because that’s where their music belongs (not just on Bandcamp, where you can get a free download of their album – go do it) . But until then, feel free to listen to Stibbs‘ original song, “Useless.”

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